My 1st Pregnancy Diary Part 1

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1st Pregnancy Diary:

I kept a 1st Pregnancy Diary of various important dates in my pregnancy, so I thought I would share it for others to read and see what a unique experience my pregnancy was for me and maybe help see that what your experiencing is very normal! So here is my 1st Pregnancy Diary!

28th August 2012:
We have been so desperate to get pregnant over the last 2 months that I have become a bit obsessive over it and have started to test every week now! so for the past 4 days we decided to relax a bit and only test once a month. However Mario got up earlier than me this morning and for whatever reason, left a pregnancy test on the toilet for me to do when he left for work. I am now 8 days late and have had a tummy ache and headache for the last 2 days. I thought nothing of it but at 8:55 am I took the test and it came up very strongly positive straight away. I nearly cried with excitement! I went back to bed and sat there for 5 minutes until I could steady myself to ring the doctors. I got an appointment at 9:40 am so quickly had a shower and got dressed.

I have never been so excited and scared at the same time! I don’t even remember how I made it to the surgery! The doctor did a blood pressure test and heart check, they were fine and then I had to give a urine sample. She said at this stage baby is due on the 19th of April but that may change depending on how far gone I ‘am. Then I drove straight to Mario’s work and told him, it makes me so happy to see him excited. I am so excited and have already been and bought moisturiser for the stretch marks I am definitely going to get! I have also started looking at websites for pregnancy and looking at all the things I can’t eat or drink now! We were already taking folic acid and making sure that I eat properly but it has just become very, very real. I feel completely happy. I am going to be a Mummy!
Current Weight = 13st 13lbs

29th August:
Today Mario is in Manchester and I really don’t like him being that far away at the moment! He’s away often but this seems different. I stayed in bed until 10 am as the weird feeling in my tummy, which I am now presuming is a baby, is still there. At the moment I feel achy and just a bit strange. I spent 2 hours cleaning the house and now I am worried to do anything else as I think I overdid it! I am so worried about hurting the baby in some way so I am trying to be careful and making sure I am eating all the right things. It feels very weird still but in a good way.

31st August:
It’s not been a good day today. The Doctor rang to say there is an abnormality with the test results and I need to go and get a blood test! Very worried and stressed out! I know I’am pregnant but this is really horrible. Lots of things are going through my mind about whether something is wrong! I went to City Hospital straight away, spent 30 minutes trying to find Outpatients and then found out the blood test clinic were closed! I now have to wait until Monday on top of it being the first day back to work after the Summer Holidays! I feel exhausted and really upset.

3rd September:
Today straight from work, me and Mario went to City Hospital Outpatients and had a blood test, the nurse was really nice and said the results would be back in 2 days’ time. It hasn’t helped ease my mind but I’am trying to keep positive and keep busy.

4th September:
So happy! Had a surprise call from the Doctor today to say that everything is fine and that we are definitely pregnant! Feel relaxed again and feel like we can actually enjoy the news now. I also got my letter through for my first midwife appointment which is on the 18th September so I am really looking forward to that. And breathe!!!

7th September:
Feeling really tired all of the time. The first week back at school has been tough. I have had to tell my boss as I will need to take some time off for appointments very soon and I have spoken to my Zumba teacher to see if I can carry on going, which I can, so I am really pleased. I have been doing Zumba for almost 2 years twice a week and I love it. It’s weird telling people about being pregnant, I am not sure why but it is. Its weird saying the words I think. It’s amazing that we are starting to tell people but I also don’t want to tell too many people as it’s still early days and I don’t want to jinx it! I am also feeling really big and I think I am starting to show, although Mario doesn’t think I am yet!

15th September:
It’s been a tough week at work this week and I am finding it exhausting running around after 5 year old’s all day! I have been going to bed around 10:30 pm so I can have a rest and last night I went to bed at 9! Finding this very odd but it does help. I’am also trying not to do too much after work as if I feel like this now, what will I feel like when I leave with 2 weeks to go! We have our first midwife appointment in 3 days so I have had to tell a couple of people at work and they seem really excited so that’s lovely. I also told a good friend at work as it’s nice to have someone to talk to and confide in, she is very excited and has been giving me loads of tips and things already. Just want to tell mum and dad now!

18th September:
Today we had our first midwife appointment. We had to answer loads of questions, some that I had not thought about at all but I think we did ok! We were dated as being due on the 30th April 2013 so it’s nice to know a date but I really wanted a scan and we couldn’t have that today (that appointment will be in the next 4 weeks). We got loads of information too, loads of books and leaflets to read! I also had to have a blood test to test for any problems with me. I feel a lot happier now but would have preferred a scan to know the exact date.

The midwife seems nice (I taught her son last year!!) but she did say that I am now the top end of overweight for my height and that I need to watch that, which is a bit frustrating as I don’t eat really, really badly and I feel I have always been healthy! I have always been quite heavy but I’am tall so I don’t look big! I definitely don’t look my weight but anyway, nothing new there! I have to make a flu jab appointment within the next week or so as I need that now I am pregnant. Can’t wait to see the baby on the screen now!

25th September:
I started feeling ill this morning, not actually been sick yet but feel really nauseous and it’s not nice at all! I have been trying to eat but I am not able to eat much at all and it has to be plain food or I can’t eat anything. Trying to eat plain crackers to settle my tummy so I hope this doesn’t last long. I don’t eat a whole plateful of food any more, I eat a smaller plateful and that makes me feel less ill. I love my food and it pains me when I’am hungry and want to eat and the minute its put in-front of me, it makes me feel sick!
Current weight = 13st 2lbs

6th October:
I have felt better for the last 2 days and not so ill which is nice and I am able to eat a bit more now. I am hoping that this continues and that I have seen the end of the feeling ill for the time being! I have signed up for all of the freebies going, bounty, aptamil, cow and gate, Tesco loves baby, Asda baby club, boots parenting club (free changing bag!), etc…. so I should start getting bits and bobs through the post soon!

16th October:
Today we had the first scan to see when baby would be born. It was amazing! It was moving around so baby obviously doesn’t like their photograph being taken or being prodded around! The midwife said everything was fine and that baby is nice and healthy. We also found out that we are due on the 4th May so baby is almost 12 weeks old already. We took our scan photographs to show mum at work and she was really happy. Then we text everyone photographs of the scan photographs and everyone is really happy and excited. It makes everything very real now and I can’t believe that there is a baby in there wriggling around in my tummy.
I haven’t been feeling too ill recently so that’s good and I am able to eat a lot more now too so it’s all good! We will see baby again on the 19th December so baby will be even more baby-like then!

21st October:
I have been struggling with a bad cold and cough for the last 5 days. It’s really taken it out of me and I feel exhausted! I think the worst thing is that I can’t take anything for it and the cough has kept me up for the past 3 nights. Mario has been to get some honey and lemon for me to have with hot water so we are hoping that makes a difference tonight! He says I haven’t been too demanding yet so I think we are doing well!
Current weight = 12st 13lbs

9th November:
This morning Mario and I had a lovely experience. I was lying on my side for most of the morning and when I turned onto my back, it was obvious that baby was still lying on the left hand side of my tummy, as my tummy was a weird shape! It was really soft on the right side and really hard on the left side. So we decided to prod it a bit so see if baby would move, which it did, back to the middle of my tummy. It was lovely! We can’t wait till we can feel baby properly.Baby is also very active in the evenings, just as I’am going to sleep or settling down, baby decides its party time and starts dancing around my tummy!

10th November:
I have been struggling with a cough for the last 3 days. It’s keeping me (and Mario) up in the night and makes my whole body ache! Also I had to have an immediate blood test this afternoon after one of the children in the classroom next door was diagnosed with Parvovirus (slapped cheek) which is dangerous in pregnancy. Great! It’s a bit worrying but we will see what the results say. I have to have another blood test next week so I’am getting fed up of being prodded and poked at the moment! It seems I have to have a round of blood tests every few days!

1st Pregnancy Diary

13th November:
Today we had our 2nd midwife appointment which went well. She said that baby and I are really healthy and baby’s growing normally. She also let us listen to the heart beat which was amazing! It was beating so fast! It will be lovely to see baby again in the scan coming up next month. These appointments are really important to me as they reassure me everything is fine and that I’am actually pregnant! My bump is slightly visible, more like I’am a bit podgy than pregnant but its nice all the same.
Current Weight = 13st 8lbs

22nd November:
Today I got the results of the 2 blood tests I had last week and the results came back normal, however they want me to have 2 more rounds of tests to make sure so next week I’am going back for another round!
Also, I have been off work for 2 days this week as I’am absolutely exhausted. School have been really good and have been flexible when I haven’t felt my best. No one tells you just how knackered you are going to be when you’re pregnant! I need to realise that I need to rest after being at school all day instead of coming home and carrying on working and going out. We are off to Leeds for Lauren’s birthday weekend straight from school so hopefully we will get there quickly and I can have a rest then before everyone meets us there tomorrow.

28th November:
After a very busy weekend but a really, really good one, I had to go and have yet another blood test this afternoon. The results were normal for the last 2 but they want to double check so have to have the round of tests again. I’m becoming a bit of a blood test pro now! I’m feeling like I have more energy so that’s a positive thing.

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