Going Old-School with Cinema Paradiso DVD Rentals

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We have always loved watching a good movie and before we had Mia, we went to the cinema fairly regularly. However since Mia came along, we don’t get as much time to go out and we certainly don’t want to spend our one night out a month sat in a dark room, not talking to each other! We have had Sky Movies for 6 years since having our own house and it’s something we use a lot however it really irritates me when I see a film I really want to watch and I have to buy it or rent it. There are so many films on there for free but we do get tempted sometimes on a Friday night to buy a movie and then hate it when the Sky bill goes up the next month so when I was approached by Cinema Paradiso to try out their DVD rentals I wondered whether this could be the answer to what we were looking for.

Cinema Paradiso are a British company with over 13 years’ experience in their industry. They have created a really easy DVD rental subscription service where you can choose your level of membership type and then make a list of films from their directory that you would like to be sent out. You get 2 DVD’s at a time and keep them for as long as you want to! There’s no pressure to watch the films really quickly and send them back ASAP but you can’t order anymore until they have been sent back. The great thing about creating a DVD list with them is that they automatically send out the next 2 DVD’s so as long as you keep your list full of titles, you will get a never ending stream of films though the door!

DVD Rentals

They have an expanding library of over 90,000 titles and they are ever growing. The new titles available are up to date and I was really impressed with what we could choose from! Cinema Paradiso is really easy to use just search the catalogue, add to your list and then they will be sent through the post using freepost delivery. We found that the DVD’s were delivered next day and when we returned them, they were received back in 2 days so the service is very quick! We rented 4 films that we have waited a while to see and that are still only available to buy (as of writing this!) on Sky Movies so would cost us far more than the £9.99 a month subscription to Cinema Paradiso. We still have 2 weeks left of our subscription so potentially we could rent another 2 movies in that time (there are various subscription levels available). You can currently grab a free trial to give them a go for yourself!

DVD Rentals

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