Snapshot Of The Month – February

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We have been really busy this month, enjoying lots of time just the 3 of us in the new house as well as Mario and I having a lovely weekend without Mia! We didn’t do a lot except explore some of the nice bars nearby but it was nice to spend the time just the 2 of us together. So here are some of my favourite Snapshot Of Our Month! Here’s last month if you want to catch up!

I love watching Mia looking after her dolls and giving them baths! She loves playing ‘Mummys’!
Mia is obsessed with a 25 year old version of the ‘Game Of Life’! Now I know why my parents were reluctant to play games with us! 🙂
Since we have moved house, we love going for walks and this one was particularly long. It actually snowed all the way home so Mia loved it!
We promised Mia a new bed when we moved and she is really excited to be in her ‘big girl’ bed now! She’s a great sleeper so we were worried she might need time to adjust but like with anything she does, she had no problems at all!
We enjoyed a day out at Wheelgate, somewhere we really enjoy going so of course we had to have a ‘car selfie’!
Mario and I had a rare night out and decided to check out the local bars and pubs. We had a really great night and even enjoyed a ‘Gin Flight’!

So there it is, another busy month and with Mia’s 4th birthday fast approaching, we are going to be busy next month organising her Pirate party! Join us next time for another snapshot of the month!

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