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Have you Noticed? We Have Had a Bit of a Change!

Just a quick one from me this week to say you might have seen a bit of a change in our posts and images over the last couple of weeks! We have actually changed the blog up a bit and although the content will remain the same as usual, we decided that ‘Mummydaddymia’ doesn’t reflect us anymore as a brand.

We came up with ‘Mummydaddymia’ around 5 years ago when it was just mummy, daddy, and Mia however as most of you know, 14 months ago Lottie came along so we wanted to make sure she wasn’t left out as such!

It has taken me a while to decide on a name after I thought having my actual name didn’t cry out “blog” at all. But after a lot of thought and asking other people for suggestions, we decided that going with ‘beccafarrelly’ was absolutely fine as our tagline (which shows on all of our images) does the explaining for us.

This of course has meant we have had to change all of our branding and images which takes a bit of time so there may be some cross-over and ‘missed’ bits over the next month or so. This is due to scheduling social media posts about a month in advance in most cases. Our social media handles have also changed and are mostly @_beccafarrelly apart from Facebook who won’t let us use the underscore!

Any problems navigating to anything please let us know and if you see any issues then of course give us a heads up! There is always something that gets missed in a solo operation! Equally, if you have any feedback on our rebrand, let us know this too as we always love to hear from our followers!


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