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We are no stranger to books in this house and Mia absolutely loves reading with us especially now she’s at school and reads by herself! It is amazing to see how, in such a short space of time, she started to read and now loves nothing more than picking up a book to read! The look on her face when she reads a book is amazing! We do a lot of bedtime reading as Lottie seems to have picked up the same love of books! Ragged Bears sent us some perfect bedtime stories!

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The first book is ‘Try and Say Abracadabra!’ written by Maria Loretta Giraldo and illustrated by Nicoletta Bertelle. It’s a lovely story about a little owl that is learning to fly. All the other animals try and encourage him to fly by saying ‘Abracadabra’ and eventually he manages to say it and off he goes! It’s a great story about even if you don’t succeed the first time, to try and try again and eventually you will do it! This backs up what we are always saying to Mia about practice makes perfect as she too easily says she can’t do something without even trying!

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The book itself is the perfect length for bedtime reading and Mia really loved the owl and his friends. She felt really sorry for him not knowing how to fly but was really happy when he kept trying and eventually did it! The illustrations are lovely, with very soft colours and textures used.

Inside the abracadabra book

The second book we were sent is called ‘Chill With Lil’ and has been written by Sue Pickford. The book aims to be a sleeping aid for children and a great way to create a calm and serene atmosphere for bed using mindfulness techniques. It’s a story about Jake who just does not want to go to bed, mum tries everything and in the end Auntie Lil pops round and takes Jake on a mindfulness journey which ends in him in bed snuggled up ready to sleep!

Bedtime Reading

Mia really enjoyed this book and although I didn’t get Mia to carry out the relaxation techniques on the first read through we have since tried them out and it definitely creates a lovely calm bedtime atmosphere when you need it! It uses breathing techniques and guided visualisation to prepare your child for a more peaceful bedtime routine.

Inside the chill with lil book

I have not used mindfulness techniques with Mia before and haven’t really ever had to as she has always been good at bedtime however her little sister Lottie definitely missed that memo so I will be trying it out on her!

Do you have any favourite bedtime stories?

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