Star Signs and Positivity: Can They Empower Your 2022?

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I love stationary. I love notebooks. I love diaries. I have a vast collection of everything stationary from washi tape to smelly pens, notebooks to planner stickers, but you definitely can’t beat the feel of opening a new notebook or diary on that very 1st day, can you? I was recently asked if I would like to see some new diaries ready for 2022 and whilst at first, I was a bit unsure as we are only half way through 2021 and due to what’s happened over the past 18 months, I still couldn’t resist taking a look!

Cover image for diaries

These diaries are like no other I have had before, and I love that about new diaries. Each year has the ability to be a fresh new start and produces another way to tackle the coming year. When I buy a new diary, I look for a couple of things; space first and foremost for all my appointments and work commitments, but also a new way of looking at things and a new way to plan my weeks. The first diary I was sent does just that!

The Astrology Diary 2022

Designed by Ana Leo, a coach specialising in moon rituals and astrology, combing astrology and planning, The Astrology Diary 2022 (£14.99) is divided by individual zodiac signs and highlights how the suns movement through the zodiac affects our individual energies. I had an interest in star signs when I was younger, but I have to say, it’s not something I have thought about much in terms of how being a Libra affects my life and personality.


What I love about the diary is that it takes you through the whole process starting with finding out what your star sign is and then showing the effect of the planets each day on your personality and the impact they have on your daily life. So, you don’t need to know a thing about star signs to get going! You can then use this tool to help you make decisions in your daily life, work on your relationships, and make the most of life’s opportunities.

Star Signs

The diary itself is full of information and is beautifully illustrated. Very easy to follow and very easy to understand, I absolutely love it! It’s a very high-quality diary and the fact its spiral bound means I can leave it on the side, on the current day and pick it up whenever I need it, finding what I need immediately! Very handy as a busy parent!

Monthly diary view
Capricorn Star Sign

Every Day Matters 2022 Diary

The next diary I was sent is the Every Day Matters 2022 Diary (£12.99), designed by Jess Sharpe (who has a stunning Esty shop!), which is all about a positive mindset! Let’s face it, the last 18 months have been difficult to stay positive! I have tried writing positive affirmations each day but as we all know, the mornings can be a bit crazy, and I soon fell out of the habit. I use my current diary each and every day, checking it once I have dropped the girls off at preschool/school and I sit down to work so that would be a great opportunity to have a reminder to focus on the positives of the day!

Every Day Matters Diary

With plenty of space for writing in your daily appointments, there is also space for emotional exercises and there are lovely inspiring quotes which follow monthly themes. The themes for 2022 include Authenticity, Bravery, Mindfulness, Compassion, Simplicity, and Resilience which are all things we have needed this past year. I love the idea of having a monthly theme and something specific to focus on for that month. They say habits take around 14 days to become more permanent, so this feature is great for that! The monthly themes also take away the overwhelming need to be doing everything all of the time which I know it something that I personally struggle with! There is also a bullet journal-style section at the end, perfect for bigger goals and ideas that you can work on through the year.

Gratitude theme for Jan
Compassion theme

I love a good quality diary and the Every Day Matters Diary is just that. The week-to-view layout means it practical enough for everyday use and its spiral bound and features rip out pages, so it can be left on the right week ready for me to pick up when I need it. It’s nice and light too so can be popped into my bag if I need it while I’m out and feels like it would withstand being taken in and out of my bag with no problems!

Week diary view

My love of diaries and all things stationary continues! I’m now really looking forward to starting both the Astrology Diary, using the planets and my star sign to empower my days, and also the Every Day Matters Diary to bring positivity to my weeks and months! Both unique and stunning books, 2022 looks a little brighter already!

Have you ever used your star sign to help you get the most out of your life?

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