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We have recently become a Parragon Book Buddy and this involves us being sent books for Mia to read and then talk about them. As we love books, it’s a really fun thing to be part of and something we can all enjoy together. The book we were offered this month really got my attention as it sounded like a very relevant book of the time.

The book we were sent this month is the newly released Parragon Books ‘Once Upon A Time…Online’ written by David Bedford and illustrated by Rosie Reeve. Aimed at 3-6 year olds, the book is written in rhyming verse which I have to say, I really enjoy reading to Mia as they are often full of fun and laughter!

Parragon Books Once Upon A Time… Online is an action packed story, full of all your favourite fairy-tale characters! The story is all about Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk) who finds a parcel that falls from the sky one day. He takes it to Cinderella who finds it is a laptop and soon becomes the first fairy-tale online shopper! Soon along come Little Red Riding Hood, the 3 Little Pigs, Rapunzel and finally the Big Bad Wolf himself! They all do a bit of online shopping on the laptop and the next morning all of their orders arrive.

Each fairy-tale character finds that what was once a problem for them for example, Little Red Riding Hood no longer gets lost in the woods as she can follow the map on the App on her phone, has now been solved but that leads to a very expensive bill for Cinderella and soon Jack wishes he had never found the laptop! In the end it takes Cinderella’s Godmother to sort everything out and teach them that they must always ask an adult before going online in the future!

The book itself is a really light-hearted way of teaching children that although the internet is a very fun and interesting place to explore, they must always check with an adult before using it. We really enjoyed reading Parragon Books Once Upon A Time… Online and I was really surprised by how funny it is, not only for children but for us as well! Priced at around £7 the book is a great story for children and would make a great gift! Mia found the story really funny and loved seeing the fairy-tale characters that are well-known to her, pop up in the story!

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