Self-Care Tips for New Mums

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Being a mother is the most rewarding job in the world but there is no denying that it’s also one of the hardest. Not only has your body gone through a huge change but now you have an endless list of tasks and a whole little person to take care of. It’s easy to become sleep-deprived and too busy to dedicate a moment to yourself.

Postnatal depression is experienced by one in every ten women within a year of giving birth so it’s important that new mums receive the right support. You can find the perfect balance between caring for your baby and finding time for yourself, too. Engaging in some self-care is essential to your wellness and stress relief.

Decrease your feelings of burnout and exhaustion with these simple self-care tips:

Be kind to yourself

Every day isn’t going to be perfect so It’s important to give yourself a break when you haven’t achieved everything you planned. Treating yourself with compassion and patience goes a long way to improving your mental well-being. Congratulate yourself on each completed task and practise meditation to reduce negative emotions.

Feed and hydrate your body

Keeping your body healthy and focusing on positive lifestyle habits will prevent burnout. Birth is a traumatic experience for the human body, so you’ll need to fuel it with the nutrients it needs to get back on track. Drink six to eight cups of water a day and replace high-fat foods with fruits, vegetables, and high-protein meats.

Schedule in ‘me time’

Taking a moment here or there to do the things you love can bring you closer to feeling more like yourself again. Whether that is taking a fitness class, meeting a friend for a bite to eat, or relaxing in a bath, make a date with yourself.

Self-Care Tips

Speak to your doctor

It’s natural to experience a range of emotions after giving birth but if these are starting to have a big effect on your day-to-day, then it’s time to speak to your doctor. Speaking about your mental health with a professional can help you manage your feelings effectively and provide any support you need.

This also applies to any physical pain. If you experienced any complications or birth injuries, you may be able to claim compensation so reach out to professionals.

Spend time with your partner

Making time for you and your partner is essential to keeping your relationship stress-free. Becoming a mother doesn’t mean you have to forget who are as a couple so making an effort to have some quality time will keep that spark alive. This is, of course, easier said than done with a newborn but there are some easy and romantic date night ideas for new parents.

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