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    Relationship Matters & Other New Parent Sidelines!

    This week I wanted to write about a subject that gets missed a lot when we talk to each other about babies and having children, and that is, relationship matters. Relationships are very difficult to sustain even in the best of situations and to be honest; it’s not something that you think will be affected when you have children. At least it wasn’t for us! It was to our surprise when soon after having our daughter; I found that I no longer had time for my other half. Everything revolves around the new baby, feeding time, bed time, housework and even just getting dressed in the morning takes complete precedence…

  • 4 Bounty packs for new mums

    Pregnancy Freebies You Need and Where to Find Them

    Have you ever wondered how to get those pregnancy freebies that everyone seems to have? First of all there are the various Bounty packs given to you at the different stages of pregnancy. I found these really useful as they contain a good amount of information and also plenty of free samples of things like stretch mark cream and moisturisers for mums to be. Each pack has a voucher to collect the next one and you get your last one after baby arrives. Then if you ‘like’ a company such as cow and gate on Facebook and/or sign up to their website, you get information packs sent through the post…

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    Mia’s First 2 Weeks At Home With Us

    Today I sat and thought about Mia’s first 2 weeks on this earth. As very organised people, we thought we ‘had this’, how wrong could we have been?! Before Mia was born, plenty of people told me “get your sleep in now as soon as baby comes, you can forget sleep” but what everyone neglected to tell us was just how hard and draining it would be when baby actually arrived. You can just about manage in the hospital in the first 24 hours, your baby wakes up other babies on the ward, other babies wake up your baby but you just cope with it there and then and think…