• Nail stamper set

    How to Keep your Kids Entertained with Spin Master Toys

    Each school holiday, I struggle to find ways to keep the girls entertained. Lottie is 2 and Mia is 7 next month so it can be hard to find things that will keep them both happy and also keep their attention for longer than 5 minutes! The main things that keep the girls busy seem to involve building and creating as both of them really enjoy crafts (something I hate!). I’m not great at crafts so I usually turn to craft sets and building sets for them to do themselves with a bit of help when needed. One of the brands that stands out for its crafting and building toys…

  • Mia with her Purella Kitty plushie

    Mia Meets the Twisty Petz and Twisty Petz Cuddlez!

    As Mia gets older her collectables game definitely goes up a notch! She still loves her Grossery Gang, Shopkins and Hatchimals but she has recently enjoyed collecting the Lucky Fortune charms. When she saw that Spinmaster are on series 3 of their collection of Twisty Petz, I knew it wouldn’t be long before she wanted to check them out! Twist Petz are bejewelled charms that can not only be worn as jewellery but also create cute pet animals when connected together “wear on your wrist, transform with a twist!’ Not only that but you can connect more than 1 Twisty Petz on to each other to create bigger sparkly bracelets!…