3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Changing Bag

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When I was pregnant with Mia, I looked at lots of different styles of changing bag ready for when she was born but being a first time parent, I didn’t see anything that looked either big enough or sturdy enough for what I would need. It was also really confusing trying to decide what kind of style and type of bag would be the most suitable. We ended up buying a Cath Kidston bag that wasn’t a changing bag but that was big and able to carry everything I needed on a daily basis. The only problem was that it didn’t have a big strap and it was too big to carry whilst carrying Mia too!

This time round, I was determined to treat myself to a nice changing bag that suited us better than before so I set about making a list of requirements for this bag. Here are some of my tips for choosing the perfect changing bag for you and your baby.

The size of the bag itself

It’s very important to be able to fit everything you, baby and other siblings need for a day out, in 1 bag. There’s no point buying a small bag which fits all of your baby’s things in fine, if you then need another bag to lug about with your purse, phone, tissues and siblings bits and bobs in too!

The shape and material of the bag

It may seem strange to consider the actual shape of the bag however the softer the material used, the easier the bag can be slung over your shoulder or popped onto your buggy’s handle. Our Cath Kidston bag was fab in terms of space but it was a hard material that you couldn’t easily put in the buggy’s storage basket and couldn’t change the shape of so it ended up feeling quite bulky at times.

The bags style of handle

You will need your changing bag to be as versatile as it can possibly be so it’s handy if it has at least a couple of types of strap for you to use. We looked for a bag that can be carried by a single handle but also had a crossover strap for when we need to carry the baby. We also decided that since we are buying a baby carrier this time, we will want our hands as free as possible so a rucksac style bag will be really useful! It would also be handy if the changing bag fits onto your buggy’s handles so you have the choice to pop it on there too.

Perfect Changing Bag
Our new changing bags for baby no.2!

I hope that this has given you a bit of help in narrowing down what kind of changing bag will suit you! We decided to buy a normal changing bag that was pre-filled for us to take to hospital as well as a rucksac changing bag for all those times we need both hands free! Both bags have plenty of space for all of baby’s things, Mia’s snacks and drink and things I need whilst I’m out too so I’m really happy!

Did you get the Perfect Changing Bag when you had a newborn?

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