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Top 5 Spring Clothing Essentials for the School Run

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If you’re anything like me, you too will dislike the school runs! Every morning you traipse across to school, wait at the gates with all the other mums and dads, and then join the stampede through the gates as everyone wants to be the first parent across the line! Then a few hours later, you go back and do it again! I hate it! I’m the one at the back of the ‘pack’, head down, taking their time to get their child. I would much rather be in and out as quickly and painlessly as I can but add in the great British weather we have and sometimes the whole thing is a complete nightmare!

Spring Clothing Essentials

With our very changeable weather, I thought I would do a quick post with 5 of my top Spring clothing essentials to get your through any school run, whether its chucking it down with rain or your baking in the sunshine!

Ankle Boots

brown ankle boots with small heel

These can be so handy in all weathers! Loose enough for the warmer Spring days but great for when you’re caught in a rain shower too!


A trusty mac should be part of any Spring outfit (in the UK!). You need one that rolls up small to be popped into the buggy when you don’t need it but to hand when the heavens open!

Denim Skirt

Blue denim skirt

I love a good denim skirt and can wear one in literally any weather! Great teamed with a t-shirt and pumps in the sunshine and then with leggings and a long-sleeved top in the cooler weather.


Black fur gilet and leopard print leggings

I still need to invest in a good gilet, but these again can be fab whatever the weather. It’s handy to get one that you can pop under the buggy to grab when it clouds over and wear with longer tops.


I love leggings as I’m not a huge fan of getting my legs out! I do however make sure that I never wear thin leggings, investing in a decent pair is massively worth it! I also never wear my leggings as trousers! I hate seeing girls wear them in this way as they are really unforgiving! Covered with a cute tea-dress or mini skirt and blouse looks fab!

I hope you have found some useful Spring clothing essentials here. It can be hard to know how to dress in the Spring as the weather can be so changeable and more importantly unpredictable! A nice sunny morning can turn to rain by the time you have got to school!

What is your go-to school run outfit?

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