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Conni and the Cat Film Preview Screening

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Mia and Lottie have just started to get into watching films more. Mia was never bothered about sitting down for an entire film, so we have probably only taken her to the cinema a handful of times in her life! However recently she has been watching a film when she goes up to bed and has really enjoyed watching Disney films in her room. I took Lottie to the cinema for the 1st time last week to see one of the My First Cinema Experiences. We watched 8 episodes of Hey Duggee and the idea is it’s not as loud, long and the lights are up to get toddler and younger children used to the cinema. She loved it! We have also recently bought all the equipment to host our own outdoor cinema so we decided to do a cinema afternoon with popcorn and pick n’ mix sweets!

Cover image for Conni and the Cat

We were kindly given a special private screening to a brand-new Munro Film out this month, Conni and the Cat! Nominated for the Children’s Jury Golden Sparrow award for Best Animation, Conni and the Cat is a great children’s adventure film!

Title screen for Conni and the Cat

The main character is a little girl called Conni who in the opening scene is going away with her friends on a kindergarten trip for a few days and is really sad that she can’t bring her best pal Mau. Mau is her very cheeky and mischievous pet cat! Conni tries to bring Mau in her bag but obviously gets rumbled by her parents! They are both really sad but Conni goes off with her friends.

An adventure ensues when Mau manages to escape the house and jump onto the bus as it’s taking the children on their trip! Mau hides for a while but soon gets into lots of trouble; jumping on the children as they sleep on the 1st night away, knocking the eggs over, letting Oskar the racoon out of his pen, knocking the clean washing off the line and ripping it and then eating all of the cheesecake! Conni realises that Mau is there with her but has to make sure that no one else finds out as she would get into lots of trouble!

Conni and the Cat

Poor Luca (Conni’s friend) and Oskar the racoon take all the blame for everything and also for stealing the jewellery that’s started to go missing! Luca and Conni have to work together after being told off by their teacher and left behind when the others go out to visit the castle, to find the real culprit and together they hatch a plan to catch them in the act!

Girls eating popcorn

Film information:

Cast: Mia Ciscon, Amy De Bhrún, Noella Brennan, Adam Diggle, Aileen Mythen, Siobbán Ní Thuairisg, Zac Ciscon, Evie McNaughton, Cara O’Rourke, Séafra O’Rourke, Dan Russell, Caleb Wilson.

Run time 76 minutes and Rated: U

In cinemas 20th August 2021!


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