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Why You Should Buy Playground Equipment Instead of Renting It

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A playground is incomplete without play equipment. The equipment helps those who are playing enjoy their play and while at it, exercise. They can also help children learn, socialize, and improve their fine motor and cognitive skills. Most equipment on playgrounds focuses on bouncing, sliding, climbing, and critical thinking. Despite knowing what to get, it can be hard deciding on whether to buy a playground or just rent one. It is advisable and more convenient to purchase rather than rent because of the following reasons:

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Chance to Get Customised Playground Equipment

Every playground is different in size, landscape, terrain, and crowd it entertains. For these reasons, you need playground equipment designed for your space only. You want equipment that fits your specific group. Additionally, you do not wish to overcrowd or underutilise spaces as they fail to meet the objectives. It can also be disappointing having a crowd waiting to play, and the equipment fails to work right at your space. Customised equipment also helps reduce accidents as they are designed to fit the conditions. Buying also enables you to modify the equipment to your liking. This helps increase the effectiveness and affects you are looking to create.


Most people find the initial cost of buying high and hence find themselves renting. However, in the long run, this cost is way cheaper than what you end up paying for while renting. Buying your equipment reduces competition to get rental ones with other renters. It saves you the agony of hiked prices when demand skyrockets. It also saves you additional costs that come with the pieces, such as transportation and storage fees, when having the equipment for longer. Damaged equipment under your care becomes your responsibility to repair or replace. This can cost an arm and a leg, especially for high-end items. It might also come with fines for losses encountered by the owners. Buying allows you to choose things you can afford without stretching your funds beyond your limits


No Restrictions

Rented items come with restrictions that can hinder play. It also delays the development and goals you plan to achieve. They come with deadlines, rules for usage, and even cleaning guidelines. This can force you to end playtime early to create ample time to meet these requirements. With your equipment, you set your own rules. You can also choose when to break them without the fear of penalties or loss of equipment. However, do not go overboard as you risk damaging your equipment and making losses.


Kids are sensitive beings, and items you provide for them to play with should never put their safety at risk. Rented equipment is available to anyone who can meet the cost and conditions set. This makes them germ carriers as they end up in different spaces and regions. If the owner does not pay much attention to hygiene, sanitisation might not even be an option. This can lead to infections in your space and reduce the number of children playing on the equipment each time. They also leave an open room for lawsuits and fines if you provide unhygienic play conditions. You can set rules on how to clean and maintain your items, which helps stick to your high level of hygiene. Doing this helps the children stay safe and enjoy playing for days.

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