White banded smartwatch on mans arm

The Rise of the Smartwatch for Kids

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We have always been big fans of watches and Mario has a nice little collection going at the moment. I have previously written about my love of Olivia Burton watches and I currently have 1 that I wear for ‘special occasions’. I also have a Michael Kors which I wear more regularly and my Fitbit which I wear every single day without fail! Mario has a fair few more than me and his everyday watch at the moment is his Globenfeld watch which we reviewed a few years ago now. However, we are always on the lookout for our next watch and sometimes you’re not sure where to start!

This is where Super Watches comes in. They are a website dedicated to professional reviews, buying guides and smartwatch comparisons and I wish I had found them earlier! They review and compare the best smartwatches on the market and as they are all compiled on one site, have created the perfect place to find your next smartwatch! They also have all the latest news in the smartwatch world so you can keep up to date on the latest releases!

A round smartwatch on a mans arm showing the time in colourful numbers

I’m yet to find someone who hasn’t either owned a smartwatch previously or doesn’t wear one currently and as we become more and more interested in our own personal health and wellbeing, I can’t see the love of the smartwatch ever slowing down. I have worn my Fitbit for the past 7 years and love tracking my daily life with it. It has helped me understand my body more, my fitness level and my overall health which I find really useful for so many different things.

One of the most useful parts of Super Watches is the comparison articles. So, if you’re not sure whether you should get a Fitbit or an Apple watch, they will tell you everything you need to know before making any expensive purchases! There are also articles full of info about which fitness trackers are best for sports or best for women. There’s even an article on the best waterproof watch out there for kids!

White banded smartwatch on mans arm

Smartwatch for Kids

As Mia gets older (she’s nearly 7), we have talked about whether she should have a smartwatch to use at the weekends when she’s not at school and I think it’s definitely something she would find useful. When she was little, we used to joke about putting a tracker on her to see how many steps she racked up each day running around! But where do you start looking for kids’ smartwatches?

Super Watches have dedicated articles just for smart watches for girls and provide all the info you need to know and what to look for, what your child may find useful and where to find the perfect smart watch to suit them. We found this really useful when looking for one for Mia and we are looking at getting the Ticwatch C2 for her upcoming birthday as its really pretty and integrates with google assistant which she loves to use at home!

I wish I had found Super Watches earlier as they are a really useful site to use when looking at which smartwatch to purchase for myself or when looking at smartwatches for kids. They provide everything you need to know when looking for one and enable you to make informed choices, without the jargon.


Would you consider a smartwatch for kids?


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