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    Tips to get you by when you’re unprepared for Valentine’s Day!

    With Valentine’s Day now fast approaching, there will be many of you experiencing that dreaded last minute panic over what to get your other half this year! With Christmas and New Year plus Lottie’s birthday just gone, it’s hard to think about anything else so soon after! We don’t tend to do a lot on Valentine’s day itself, what with just having Christmas and New Year, and our anniversary in December! We usually cook a nice meal together and put a little bit more effort into having a nice pudding. We even have a gin or two! We used to go out for a few drinks over the weekend but…

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    Night Time Cuddles with the Snuggle Sac Blanket!

    We are a family that loves to snuggle, whether it be on the sofa or tucked up in bed, we love cuddles and being warm and snug! We currently have a couple of blankets that we often pop over our legs while we watch TV together but we don’t have a special blanket to really snuggle up under. That has all changed since being sent the Room to Grow Snuggle Sac blanket! Room to Grow have been providing a range of practical solutions to satisfy even the fussiest of children since 1996 and offer a one-stop shop to create practical, stylish bedrooms for children using satisfying designs and clever space…

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    Personalised Paper Just in Time for Valentines Wrapping!

    We love a personalised gift in this house and we have reviewed many in the last couple of years, there is just something really special about creating and giving something unique and well thought out to family and friends on special occasions but I have never really put much thought into the actual outside of the gift. I buy standard wrapping paper and have never really thought about creating personalised paper to suit the gift that I’m giving. I saw that Pretty Gifted was looking for people to create some personalised wrap so I was really pleased when we were asked if we would like to order some. Pretty Gifted…

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    Family Friendly Recipes Anyone Can Make at Home

    I have been meaning to write about family mealtimes for ages and when I started thinking about Lottie and how she eats now, I found that one of the main problems I have at the moment is the fact that I am now cooking 2 hot meals every day at different times. This is fine when I have time to but more often than not, I don’t get chance to and I don’t always have a load of previously cooked meals in the freezer ready to whip out when I need one. We are always looking for family friendly recipes. Family Friendly Recipes Lottie is eating pretty much everything now…

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    Win a Bottle of Yardley April Violet Perfume in time for Mother’s Day!

    I, like most women, have a vast collection of different perfumes however I don’t wear them very often as I don’t like too much on by skin (I’m not great with moisturisers as it is!). I have a favourite scent for everyday and then one for evenings out (when we are eventually allowed back out again!). But I do like a good perfume and it has to be something special for me to wear it. Yardley April Violet Perfume It can be tricky to find a good daytime fragrance that’s light enough for everyday and lasts all day long, but Yardley have got you covered! This lovely floral scent in…

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    EasyTots Make Toddler Weaning Easy!

    Lottie has been eating solid food since she was around 4-5 months old. This is mainly due to the fact her formula wasn’t satisfying her and she was paying a lot of interest in the food we were all eating. One day she managed to grab some of my baguette I was trying to eat and just ate it all! She looked really pleased with herself and so we started the process of feeding her ‘proper’ food! However we are always looking for ways to make her toddler weaning easier. Now Lottie is unstoppable, and we are really lucky that she will pretty much hoover up everything put in front…

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    What I have packed in my Hospital Bag this time

    When you are preparing to be a first time parent, things can be really confusing. Conflicting news reports about what you should and should not be eating, followed by not really knowing what maternity wear you need can leave you feeling a bit unsure of where you should be spending your money. I recently wrote a post about maternity wear I found useful and the changing bags I would recommend this time I know what I needed and what I didn’t so I thought I would follow up with a post about my hospital bags this time round too. I remember when I was packing ready to have Mia, I…

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    Tips for Buying the Best Smart Scale

    Many people these days are into fitness and health. People have realised the importance of exercise and staying healthy as a means of avoiding lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, and as a trend to look and feel great. However, few people can stick to their fitness schedules or programs, especially those that don’t have fitness trainers or instructors. Sometimes they take on challenges that are just too hard for them, and in some cases, they lack the means to measure their progress and quit before they can achieve what they have set to achieve. Buying the Best Smart Scale You should know that fitness is not a destination, but a…

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    EasySMX Children’s Headphones

    Mia seems to have sensitive ears and has done ever since she was born. She struggles with loud noises and busy places which can result in behaviour issues and Mia becoming quite ‘difficult’ when out and about. We bought her ear defenders a year or so ago and although they worked on bonfire night, she doesn’t find them particularly comfortable or easy to wear. When I was contacted by EasySMX to see if we would like to try out some children’s headphones, we were interested to see if they would help Mia when we are out. EasySMX are a technology company, established in 2014, which create certified iPhone accessories, smart…

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    3 Ways to Design the Perfect Blogger Media Kit

    I have been blogging for around 7 years now and although it wasn’t too long before I started working with brands, it also wasn’t too long before I was asked to send over my media kit. At the time I quickly cobbled together something that vaguely resembled my stats and a little intro, but it was far from the perfect blogger media kit! So, what is a media kit? Before I get into the reasons why you need a media kit and how you can design your own, let’s start with what a media kit actually is! A media kit needs to be about an A4 size sheet basically introducing…

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    Getting Party Ready With Sticky Heelz

    We all know how annoying it is when you buy some beautiful shoes for a big event only to find out that once you get them on your feet, they either don’t fit properly, slip off your heels, cause blisters or you simply can’t wear them! Luckily Sticky Heelz, born in 2014, is here to rescue us and make every pair of shoes the perfect fit! We all know how sore our feet can get in heels during a night out and more often than not we end up taking them off completely after a few hours of wearing them. Many of us wear uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes in the…