2 of the Newest Children’s Princess Colouring Books

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Mia has just started school and every single day without fail she comes home with a lovely picture she has created or an activity she has completed. She very proudly displays them on the fridge for all to see and we have previously written a post on how to store all of your child’s beautiful artwork! She has always been quite creative (I’m not at all!) and spends a lot of time drawing and colouring at home. We are always looking for new colouring aids for her and we were recently sent 2 new Princess themed colouring books for Mia to complete.

The first book Mia was sent was Princess Snowbelle’s Activity and Sticker Book, illustrated by Lucy Fleming and currently priced at a very reasonable £4.99. The book itself follows Snowbelle and Icetail on their adventures where Mia can design Snowbelles clothes, shoes and jewellery and even take a trip to the frozen lake. As well as colouring, the book is full of activity’s to complete such as matching the Snow King and Snow Queen to their shadows, and spotting the differences in the scene.

There are over 20 scenes to colour in and 350 stickers to use so it will definitely keep Mia entertained for a long while! The book itself is really lovely and filled with beautiful images on each and every page. The activity and sticker book is far more than a colouring book and the illustrations are just as they would be in a high quality picture book. It would make a lovely gift for that special Princess in your life!

Princess Colouring Books
Princess Colouring Books

The second book we were sent for Mia was Princess Snowbelle’s Secret Journal, again illustrated by Lucy Fleming and currently priced at £5.99. As a child I was always really interested in anything that said ‘secret’ or ‘diary’ and Mia is no different! She was really excited to see what was inside! The secret journal is again filled with lots of activities to keep Mia busy as well as over 150 stickers, which are Mia’s favourite things at the moment!

The journal is packed full of bits and pieces for Mia to fill out (when she’s a bit older) all about her favourite things and what she likes to do with her friends as well as being full of information and secrets about what it’s like to be Princess Snowbelle, which is most little girls dreams. There is even a recipe to create Snowbelle’s delicious special iced buns which we have yet to make!

The illustrations are just beautiful and the journal is a lovely keepsake for any little girl. Mia absolutely loves both of these books and they will be a firm favourite for a while to come!

Princess Colouring Books
Princess Colouring Books


  • Cee Arr

    Cute! I love sticker and activity books! (I totally still use them! Because I’m 100% an adult *shifty glances*)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Dora Reads! 🙂

  • Katrina

    This looks great – my girls love sticker books. Iove the added additions where they can make it personable with the Day in Your Life section – so cute. Brillant Blog Posts

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