Snapshot of the Month – September

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I’m a little late with writing this one slightly as it’s been a bit of a crazy time for us recently. With new baby things to organise, a nursery to decorate and Mia starting school, it’s not been easy to find time to do much else! So here is our Snapshot of the Month:

This is our last day together before Mia started school so we did 2 of her favourite things to do; a trip to the park, followed by a MacDonalds lunch!
Mia’s 1st day at school! We went to visit my Nan with my mum so here is Mia posing for the camera after a hard day at school!
A rare photo of Mia and I after her 1st day at school!
1st weekend after a week at school. We are both tired and have welcomed the weekend off!
Mia is soooooooo tired! She is quite clingy and snuggly at the moment so we let her snuggle in our bed for a bit and watch telly!
Bump is definitely there now and is more obvious! Its growing each week and its nice to see!

So that’s our snapshot of the month and what we have been up to! We haven’t had much opportunity to go out and do a lot what with Mia being at school now but once we get into the swing of things, we will take her out at the weekends and do fun things! This month its my birthday and the annual Goose Fair so no doubt we will be taking Mia along to that at the weekend!

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