28 Week Bump Update

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Welcome to our 28 week bump update! Here’s week 24 in case you missed it! I can’t believe how fast it’s going and we now have only 3 months to go! I have been feeling very tired, not helped by Mia being at school now and having to get her up and organised on time but also because the dreaded acid re-flux keeps rearing its ugly head! Some days are absolutely fine and others I know from the minute I wake up, it’s going to be a bad day!

24th September: Today we spent most of the day sorting out the loft and getting all of the baby things down. Mario put the cot up and sorted out the whole room so it’s starting to come together now which is really exciting! My job for the next couple of weeks is to go through all of the baby clothes and see what we have and if there’s anything we need (which I doubt!).

26th September: Today I had my 3rd midwife appointment and everything is looking fine. Baby is measuring perfectly and everything is where it should be! It was also lovely to hear baby’s heartbeat nice and strong and baby even gave the midwife a good kick whilst she was there!

2nd October: After all of my worries the last couple of weeks, the kicks and wriggles from baby are coming thick and fast! Every time I sit down and do some work or relax in the evenings, I get booted in the tummy and I love it!

9th October: I have definitely been feeling pregnant over the last few days! The kicks are constant while lying in bed and more often than not when I’m sitting down in the evenings, I can feel baby moving around in there! It’s been a really busy couple of weeks so I have had a lot of muscle pain but that’s normal when I have over-done it!

19th October: Not much to add this week really, so much going on that I’m finding it really hard to relax which then makes me a bit more anxious about everything. We have decorated the nursery with some pretty stickers, a print Mario created and Mia’s old lampshade so it looks amazing and very girly! Mia isn’t going to bed very well which means I’m not going up until late so struggling to get up in the mornings but we have made it through her 1st half term at school so we aren’t doing too badly!

So that’s our 28 week bump update! The weeks are flying by and that’s not helped by being so ridiculously busy! We have a midwife appointment next week and we are going to book in another scan for around 30 weeks I think so keep a look out for the pictures! Next bump update is coming soon!

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