6 Weird Things You Never Knew Could Improve Your Fitness Routine

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Improve Your Fitness Routine
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Getting super fit is sometimes a challenge. You can stick to a regular exercise schedule and still not see the results you want. If that sounds like you, then this post is here to help. In it, we explore some of the weird and wacky things that actually make a difference to your fitness and recovery. Read on to learn more on how you can improve your fitness routine. 

Get More Quality Sleep

Did you know that fitness improvements occur when you rest, not when you train? Well, it’s true. And that’s why getting adequate sleep is so essential. The more you can learn to relax on your days off, the more your body will adapt. 

You need at least seven hours of sleep per night to see maximum results. If you’re super busy, try for six and a half. Provide your body with what it asks you for. If you feel exhausted while training, it is probably because you haven’t taken enough time to rest. 

Relax Your Nervous System

Training takes its toll on your nervous system. That’s because it requires a lot of effort to send signals to your muscles over and over again, trying to get them to perform at a high level. 

Fortunately, there are many ways you can relax your nervous system. Many fitness professionals buy supplies for candles so that they can make their own aromatherapy. Scents from essential oils help them relax and unwind, allowing their nervous system to recharge. You can also try other techniques such as yoga or even deep breathing. 

Use A Foam Roller

Foam rollers are wonderful pieces of equipment that allow you to stretch out knots and massage your muscles, without having to pay a professional. Research shows that the activity enhances recovery from exercise and reduces post-training soreness. 

Eat Berries Daily

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Fitness enthusiasts rarely spend their time talking about berries, but they should. That’s because these small fruits help to accelerate recovery without harming adaptation. In other words, they allow you to recover faster. 

Researchers think that berries have this remarkable ability because they reduce the harmful damage of exercise. Training still gives your body the stimulus that it needs to improve, but without all the usual associated damage. 

Mix Up Your Cardio

Don’t do the same type of cardio every day. Instead, mix it up so that you continually challenge your body with new things. 

Cardio can become problematic if you do it the same way, day after day. Jogging, for example, can lead to painful shin splints. 

Mix things up by going swimming, cycling, or rowing. Change the muscles that you use to minimise the risk of injury. 

Take A Cold Shower

Improve Your Fitness Routine
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You’ve heard of people putting cold compresses on their skin to reduce swelling. Well, the same applies when you take a cold shower after a training session. The coolness of the water helps to douse any post-exercise inflammation, leaving your body feeling fresh and beautiful. 

Cold showers are also great if you’re prone to overheating. They are a wonderful way to cool down after an intense – and sweaty – training session.


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