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10 Ways To Get A Little More Motivated To Work Out

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Anyone who is in the habit of training at a gym or going on runs/walks will be able to tell you that exercising is pretty simple. It can be quite frustrating to hear when you’re not as fit as you’d like to be, but it’s the truth. Once you get used to working out regularly, you become uncomfortable with not working out. The idea of sitting around for too long isn’t nice. We’re always looking for ways to work on our health, and exercising is one of the main ways of improving things. But what can you do to get more motivated to work out?

Finding the motivation to work out and to get things moving, however, can be pretty difficult. This is the case especially when we have other things going on and/or if things are going pretty badly in your work life or personal life. The good thing – as we mentioned before – is that you don’t need to go hell for leather in order to get some of that sweet motivation. There are plenty of things you can do in order to gather the motivation for a workout. Here are just some of the examples for you right now:

Create A Plan For Your Day Or Week, Firstly 

A lot of people struggle to find the motivation to work out because they have other things going on in their life and they’re struggling to organize themselves. In their heads, all of their errands are piling up and they’re mentally worn out. If you plan everything out, the chances are that you’ll be able to systematically tick off what you have to do. In this plan, you can put workout dates and times. The only real issue that you’ll have in this regard is having the discipline to sit down and actually write the plan out. Once everything is handled, you’ll be able to have a clearer view of what’s in front of you so that you can pick out your workouts much more smoothly. 

Listen To Music Before And During

Music has the power to change our moods. It can get us in the mood for all kinds of things. It can also, strangely, stop us from wanting to do things. Try listening to music before you’re supposed to work out – you never know what it might do for your energy levels. It can take you to a place in your head that reminds you of hard work and exercise. 

The same can be said for your performance during a workout. If you listen to music while lifting weights, it can give you the extra oomph you need. It certainly helps during runs, too, as it stops you from listening to the heavy breathing, the foot-stomping, and anything else external. It also allows you to move to the beat, which helps for some reason.

Train With A Friend

When you train with a friend, you become more motivated for many reasons – some value different reasons higher than others. Firstly, that competitive aspect will be brought into play. Secondly, you’ll be in a much better mood to train – their presence alone will help you to feel more ready. Thirdly, you’ll be able to do certain exercises much better when you have a spotter. It’s always helpful when you have that safety element. They can also give you some advice and vice versa. 

Look At Where You Want To Be In Six Months’ Time  

It’s very easy to lose motivation when you don’t look at the big picture. When you see how you’ll end up in, say, six months to a year, that’s when you start to gain a little more motivation. Fitness and working out isn’t a case of working hard for a month and then reaping the rewards – it’s a new lifestyle and you’re going to be changing the way you do things from here on out. So many people give up early and then regret it six months down the line when they try it again. Always look to the future and see the big picture. Stop being impulsive and making rash decisions based on the short-term.

Buy New Outfits

For some reason, what we wear makes a big difference to how we feel. When we spend money on new gear, it makes us want to go out and use it (or exhibit it). New t-shirts and shoes give us the oomph to get more active. You could even get some new tracksuits – collections like Palm Angels for men tend to be quite popular for guys and there are plenty of women’s tracksuits that look wonderful for a run or a gym session. Confidence and self-esteem tend to play a big part in terms of motivation, and a new outfit can add those two easily. 

Create Programs That You’ll Actually Want To Take Part In

The idea of working out can be a real put-off if you’re heading into an exercise regime that you won’t like. Obviously, we all feel better after a workout, but we feel even more complete when finishing up a good-quality session. Figure out what you want to do with your physique and physical skills, and create a workout program based on what you wish to achieve. When you head into a workout knowing that you’re going to enjoy some of the movements or the results they give, then you’ll be more inclined to take part in them. A horrible, tedious run on a cold day might be lovely for some, but the chances are that you’re not going to really be up for something like that. 

Make It Public And Post About It 

By no means are you aiming to become a big influencer (although it would be cool to do so) in this instance. You’re just looking to add a little extra to your workout experience. If you add that kind of pressure, then you’ll be more focused on delivering the right results. If you publically tell people that you’re going to reach a certain goal, then things like Instagram can help out a lot in terms of logging it down. Who knows? You might even build up a large following and be presented with all kinds of different opportunities. 

Keep Yourself Energised Every Day

If you have lots of energy each day, then you’re going to be more motivated both mentally and physically. A lack of food, water, and sleep will likely result in sluggishness – especially if it’s a big and recent change. Boost your energy every single day by getting all the required rest and nutrients, and you’ll be in a much better place to work out. It’s very easy to pass on a workout day when your body simply just does not feel like it. 

Use The Help Of Supplements

Some of the pre-workout supplements you can get can really help you out in terms of your energy. They add an extra buzz to you while improving your performance at what you’re aiming to do. You don’t even need the big-name stuff if you want to help yourself out as there are things such as hydration pills that you can use.

Take In Inspirational Workout Content

Our mind can be influenced by so many different outside factors – as we’ve already discovered thus far. Motivational content is just another source of motivation – as the name might suggest! Listening to some of the best athletes talking about how to get the best out of yourself can really put you in the right frame of mind. Positive talk and plenty of other kinds of content can do such a good job for your brain.

What makes you more motivated to work out?


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