Deliver Little Treats with the Baker Days Letterbox Cakes

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Everyone loves cake, well I’m pretty sure everyone loves cake so when I answered a request for reviewers from Baker Days, who are also a local business to me here in Nottingham, I was so excited when they said they would send me their Letterbox Cake through the post! Coming at a great time for Mario’s birthday I was straight onto the laptop to delve into their huge selection of personalised celebration cakes!

Baker Days are a celebration cake specialist, creating beautiful personalised cakes for any occasion. They have a massive range of personalisation features, recipes and sizes of cake and can even design you a cake if you can’t find one you like (which would be difficult!). They also create Letterbox Cakes. These are exactly what they sound like, cakes that are sent through the post. You can either get them delivered to yourself in time for a party or straight to the recipient to enjoy on their special day. A special note is included so you can add a ‘no peaking’ message!

Letterbox Cakes

The amazing thing about the Baker Days cakes is that they are fresh for around 2 weeks (although you can’t freeze them) which means you can be super organised and order cakes for celebrations ahead of the date! Each cake is handmade to order and uses only the best ingredients, with them making their own buttercream and using only real butter so you can be assured that the cakes are of high quality!

Personalised Cakes

In order to create your very own personalised cake, all you have to do is; choose a category, select the cake, and then personalise or order. That’s all there is to it and with over 500 designs available, there will definitely be a design you love! We chose a design for Mario’s birthday as it happened to be the week after we were ordering so we went for the cute ice lollies (it was hot then!!) and personalised the text to suit him as he and Mia are always singing “Daddy, Daddy Cool”! The cakes are sent out in a specialised tin so not to be damaged during delivery. It arrived absolutely perfectly along with balloons, blowers and candles which is a lovely extra touch, especially when you have forgotten to buy candles yourself!

Baker Days Letterbox Cake

The Letterbox Cake is a great celebration cake for one or two people (3-4 portions) and was absolutely perfect for the 3 of us. The cake comes with its own little instructions to take it out of the tin and packaging so as not to damage it. Everything is made really nice and simple and really feels like they have thought of everything!

Baker Days Letterbox Cake

Our cake design really made Mario’s birthday even more special, he loved the personalised message and the colours on the icing were lovely and bright! I was worried about how the cake would actually taste, being sent through the post but it was really tasty. It tasted just like any other cake but with the added touch of Baker Days own buttercream recipe (you can’t beat real butter!). The icing compliments the cake well and is just the right thickness to not make the cake too sickly or sweet. You could even add some gorgeous dessert sauces to take your creation to the next level with Dessert Parlour who have created a fab range of gourmet sauces perfect for cakes!

Baker Days Letterbox Cake

Baker Days have done a great job of simplifying party planning or occasion planning. Not only is it convenient to order celebration cakes online and have them sent to your door but it’s also amazing to be able to personalise them to the level you are able to. At £14.99 the Letterbox Cakes are a great price for no effort, gorgeous cake and I will definitely be ordering next time I need a celebration cake. You can find Baker Days on Facebook and Twitter. All that’s left to do, is light the candles and away you go!

Baker Days Letterbox Cake

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