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Beautiful Wooden Children’s Toys by Jaques of London

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We have always loved wooden children’s toys and in fact when we were pregnant with Mia, we said that we would try to buy wooden toys for her as opposed to plastic as wooden toys tend to last a lot longer! We did buy a lot of wooden toys over the first year or so but slowly plastic started to creep in. We had been looking for some outdoor toys for the girls to give them to play with over the coming half term (weather dependant!) when Jaques of London got in touch to see if we would like to see their wooden toys.

Cover image for Jaques of London

Jaques of London are the oldest toy and game makers in the world! Started in 1795 and passed down from father to son over 8 generations, Jaques of London are known for inventing famous games, such as Snakes and Ladders, Tiddledy Winks, Happy Families (a favourite in my house as a child!), Snap, and many more! They also have an amazing range of beautiful wooden toys, and these definitely got our attention!

We were able to pick a toy or game each for Mia and Lottie, so we chose Hoopla for Mia and a Car Transporter for Lottie. Mia loves playing outside and doesn’t yet have many games she can set up in the garden, so we chose the Hook It HOOPLA Garden game for her. Lottie loves playing with cars, trains, and her little car garage. She loves spotting car transporters whilst out in the car so I knew she would love one of her very own to play with!

The first thing to say is we were absolutely amazed by the packaging the toys and games were sent in. Beautifully boxed with a simple ribbon tie, the toys look very high quality before you’ve even opened them! A lovely extra is the note with who hand wrapped each item!

Box packaging for toys
Toy Packaging
Handwritten note

Hoopla – Hook It HOOPLA Garden Game

This traditional Hoopla game (13.99) has been a big hit since we got it! The girls absolutely love playing this and its ideal for play inside as well as outside. Just hook it up somewhere and away you go! The aim of the game is simple, throw the rubber quoits over the hooks and count your score. The player with the highest score wins. Lottie showed her hidden talent playing Hoopla and was actually really good! It kept them entertained for over an hour and has been played with many times since!

Hoopla game

Wooden Car Transporter – Toy Car Trailer

Lottie was really excited when she opened up the Car Transporter (£16.99). Beautifully made and comes with 4 little different coloured cars to load up onto the trailer, this has also been a firm favourite in our house! The wooden cars are designed to slide perfectly into the slots on the trailer, so they stay in place while it’s moved around. This toy is great for encouraging hand-eye coordination and practicing precise hand movements. It’s a lovely, high quality toy and Lottie loves it!

Blue toy car transporter
Car carrier in blue

Jaques of London have a lovely range of very high quality, traditional toys, and games. We loved the packaging, and they would make a stunning gift to give for birthdays or Christmas. Mia loves her Hoopla game and Lottie loves her Car Transporter; I have no doubt that they will both be played with a lot! The fact they are wooden, not only means they will last a long time, but I will be able to pass them onto other children once my 2 are too big for them! I would highly recommend Jaques of London and we will be buying from them again soon!

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