How Can We Help Our Daughters Grow Up To Be Strong and Free?

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Ever since before Mia was born, we knew that whatever kind of person our son or daughter would turn out to be, they would be strong and confident. Mario has always been extremely self-confident and although I was the complete opposite (and still am a bit!) I knew I would do everything I could to make our child confident and feel like they can be whoever and do whatever they want to in life.

Mental health is a hot topic at the moment and as mental health issues become increasingly talked about, it is a really important topic to address. With 1 in 4 of us experiencing some form of mental health issue in our lifetime, it is really important that we help to spot anything in our own lives or our children’s lives that may cause us problems in later life. So how can we help our daughters to grow up strong and free?

I was recently asked if we would be interested to read Steve Biddulph’s latest book ’10 Things Girls Need Mostand of course I said yes! Steve Biddulph is a well-known author, activist and psychologist from Australia who has written numerous books on parenting and about the importance of role models in children’s lives.


Some of his most famous books include ‘Raising Girls’ and ‘Raising Boys’. This brand new book ’10 Things Girls Need Most’, is all about how to give your daughter the tools needed to grow up strong and free and to combat the ever-increasing number of girls growing up with mental health difficulties and anxieties.

Strong and Free

This new book gives parents of newborns to teenagers, the empowerment they need as a parent! We are always being told we are doing things ‘wrong’ or being told how to do things better. This book is different as it encourages you to think about things instead of ‘preaching’ to you.

With its interactive elements and segments to fill in for each section, it forces you to physically write about things instead of just thinking about them. They are there as a record of how you felt at the time of reading the book so you can refer back to certain feelings and certain pages later on. It also makes you stop and think about what you have just read and not just move on quickly like other parenting books may make you do.

The book shows you and reminds you that you can implement changes no matter how old your child is. You haven’t ‘failed’ by not thinking about these things as soon as your child was born, you can still create strong, free daughters no matter what age they are.

Strong and Free

We loved the interactive style of the book and it was really interesting to fill in the questions and really think about ourselves during our childhoods and how we can help Mia become a strong and free child. The images used on each page are warm and inviting, they focus your attention on the page and onto what you are reading and the great thing about the book is that you can pick it up and put it down whenever you want to.

Each chapter is a good length to read all the way through but you don’t have to. You are not overloaded on each page with lots of information; everything is set out really clearly. I think 10 Things Girls Need Most’ is a really interesting book and whether or not you believe you can make your daughter a strong and free person or not, I would challenge you to read this book and not want to empower your child!

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