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Looking Back at our 10 Most Popular Posts of 2019

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We rarely get time to sit and look back at the last year in the ‘blogging world’. Everything is moving forward and at such an alarming pace that it takes all your time to plan the next 12 months let alone look at the last 12 months! I thought it would be nice to look back at our 10 most popular posts of 2019 and have a look at why they may have been so popular and see what you are all interested in reading about!

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#1 Forever Living

So, this is a post I wrote all about the skincare brand after testing a range out for myself. I’m not a huge fan of these types of companies as I think they’re really overpriced but to be fair I did enjoy testing out the creams and we still use Hand Sanitiser and Aloe Scrub!

#2 Musclefood

I decided to review Musclefood for Mario as he takes a meal to work every day for lunch and I don’t always have time to batch cook every day. Musclefood send you a parcel full of everything you need to create their recipes each day. We were both really impressed with the meals as the portion sizes were good and the food was really tasty! I have heard great things about their meat boxes too!


#3 Forza ‘shake it slim’

I went through a phase of trying out meal replacement brands and although I wouldn’t use them now, I can see how they are useful on a very short-term basis. Forza was one of the best ones I tried as the shakes were really tasty!

#4 Jane plan

One of my favourite ever reviews! Jane Plan send out everything you need to eat each day to lose your target weight in a set time. I can honestly say every single thing I ate in that 2-week period was so good. It was lovely to eat ‘real’ food and lose weight too! Highly recommended!


#5 Exante

Another meal replacement brand, Exante are one of the most popular I know but the one I struggled with the most! I found the food bland and really hard to eat but I got the most dramatic results over my time using them! I think it’s a great choice for that short-term weight loss.

#6 Go figure

Again, another meal replacement brand and probably one of the less well-known ones I have tried. The shakes were nice, not one of the tastiest but I really loved the nutty peanut bars! I could have eaten them all day!

#7 Serenz allergy relief

I have suffered with allergies for as long as I can remember so I would literally try anything to help to relieve my symptoms! Serenz uses carbon dioxide instead of a spray so it’s quicker to work. I found it a little uncomfortable but really effective!

#8 Personalised bottle labels

We really like personalised gifts so if you know someone who loves a specific drink, in our case gin, then getting them a personalised bottle of their favourite tipple would be perfect! The labels are printed in high quality and you can pretty much print whatever you want to make that gift extra special!

#9 Hauck sport buggy

This was a buggy that my mum actually bought Mia when she was about 2 ½ as a spare to keep at their house. It was a really handy buggy in the end as it folded up way smaller than our travel system and actually fit through doorways!

#10 Globenfeld men’s watch

Mario is a huge fan of watches and I find it difficult to find the perfect one for him sometimes. We were really impressed with Globenfeld. The quality of the watches is great and the range on offer is extensive. There is certainly a watch for everyone here!


What came out from looking at my 10 most popular posts of 2019 is that most of you are looking for quick and easy ways to meal prep, cook and keep in shape. This is the direction that I thought we should be heading in but it’s really useful to see the most popular posts in black and white! As busy mums it’s really hard to do these things and also actually live our lives! As I said, I don’t really advocate meal replacements anymore, but I will look at trying out some more Musclefood/Jane Plan type food services this year!

Thanks for being part of the beccafarrelly blog community and as ever, if you have any posts you would like to see on the blog, just get in touch!

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