Why it’s a good idea to think about using Gym Gloves in the Gym

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Gym gloves can either make or break your exercise routine. For some reason, it is normal to see people in the gym lifting heavy weights with their bare hands. On the other hand, there are gym-goers who swear by gloves. If you are one of those who are confused about wearing or not wearing gloves at the gym, then this post is for you! We answer one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the proper exercise garment, should you wear gym gloves? 

Gym Gloves

We often get asked about gloves. Is it a good idea to wear a pair of them when hitting the gym? We all know that the answer to this boils down to a matter of choice. Yes, you as a personal consumer can answer that but let us guide you through the process of buying gym gloves. The purpose of gym gloves is to prevent calluses and blisters from repeated gripping and grabbing the exercise equipment. They are specifically designed for weightlifting and fitness training. Nowadays, you will see gym gloves in various types and designs. Other than the typical full fingered gloves, there are; fingerless, leather gym, neoprene, gel padded and Velcro double wrist strap gloves. They come in various shapes and sizes and in different fabrics. All of these gloves have one purpose and that is to protect the hands from any potential injuries. 

Gym Gloves

While there are people who believe gym gloves are just for aesthetic purposes, we actually recommend wearing them for one reason: health concerns. We have readers who have focal hyperhidrosis (the excessive sweating of body parts) specifically in the palms. It can be pretty dangerous to lift weights above the head, especially when you suffer from hyperhidrosis. Most of them find comfort wearing gloves during exercise. We feel relieved as much as these people do because we ourselves know how difficult it is to dead lift with your bare hands when you have extremely sweaty hands. You must have heard that it is better to “chalk up” before every lifting session. Many gym-goers would rather use chalk than invest in gym gloves to prevent slips. However, there are commercial gyms that ban chalks due to concerns related to cleanliness. There can be members who do not use it properly or simply do not clean as they go and others complain that the equipment is left dirty. Imagine how messy it can get when chalk is left on the gym equipment?! It can be a pain to clean up unless you leave it there and that is not hygienic at all! 

We believe there is the right pair for every physical activity at the gym. A good pair of gloves serves its purpose while giving you the comfort you deserve. For example, gloves with a firm padding will work best when you do pressing exercises. It just boils down to proper buying. When looking for gloves, make sure to check that they fit well and that they feel comfortable when worn. There are gloves that are durable enough and at the same time, allow proper blood circulation. So there you have it, reasons why we should wear gym gloves and how you can go about choosing the perfect one’s for you! 

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