Great Ways to Keep Your House Clean with WizMops!

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Since moving into a new house, I have become a little bit bogged down by cleaning! I love having a tidy and clean house and although my desire for minimalism has had to take a bit of a back seat since Mia came along, I really enjoy it when the house is really clean and feels ‘finished’! This house is a bit bigger than the old house and sometimes I just can’t get started if I feel I don’t have time to do it all in one go, which is crazy! With that in mind, I’m always looking for ways to make it easier and quicker to clean the house. We reviewed the WISPsystem recently and loved it so when I was asked if we would like to try out a 2 in 1 mop, I was interested to see if it would help me clean even more so see if you can keep your house clean too! Even professional end of tenancy cleaning service in Wimbledon suggested I try it out

Keep Your House Clean!

The WizMops 2 in 1 Spray Mop and Window Cleaner (one of the best-selling brands currently on Amazon UK), is a handy lightweight mop for use on various floor types from hardwood and laminate to kitchen carpet tiles and can even be used on windows with the window cleaner attachment! Inside the box you get 2 microfiber cleaning cloths as well as a window cleaning cloth. With a telescopic handle which reaches 4 feet in length, the 2 in 1 mop clicks together for easy but safe use. Only once the handles click together, will the spray mop work meaning there is no way the mop can fall apart or leak with proper use.

Keep Your House Clean
Keep Your House Clean

The 2 in 1 mop uses a 600ml bottle which can be easily removed from the holder, filled with floor cleaner and then secured back on to the mop. When actually mopping the floor, just use the red trigger on the mop to dispense the liquid in the bottle and away you go! It also means you have fresh cleaning solution every time you want to clean the floor! A great advantage to the refillable bottle is that you can use whatever cleaning solution you want to, I just use water for now as that’s all I normally use however I would now consider getting some cleaning solution to use with the mop.

Keep Your House Clean
Keep Your House Clean

Onto the window cleaning element of the 2 in 1 mop; I love this feature as I have wanted a window cleaner for a long time and haven’t got round to getting one yet! We have double French doors which get really grimy with our 4yr olds fingerprints and with them being quite big, I don’t clean them as often as I should do! With the 2 in 1 spray window cleaner attachment on, Mia and I were able to give the windows a more professional clean and I was really impressed with how clean they came up with little effort! It took us a couple of attempts to find the knack but even Mia was able to manage it!

Keep Your House Clean

I’m really impressed with the WizMops 2 in 1 spray mop and window cleaner. It is definitely an easy system to use and the fact that the microfiber cloths can be reused for up to 100 washes is really great! The cloths can also be hand-washed or machine-washed for extra handiness! Available now for £24.95, the 2 in 1 mop is impressive and the fact that it is so lightweight and easily stored means that even Mia can use the mop to help with the cleaning which is always a win!

I currently have a 15% discount available for my readers so head off to WizMops Spray Mop and pop in the code ’15OFFWIZ’ to get your discount (Please make sure that you are ordering from Amazon UK).

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