Spring Cleaning

How a Bit of Spring Cleaning Can Brighten Your Mood

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Spring is just around the corner again, and already the birds and other animals are starting to become more active — as the days finally become noticeably longer.

The tradition of “Spring Cleaning” has been around for a while, as a way of tidying up, decluttering, and airing out the home after the longer Winter months trapped indoors with relatively little going on.

Today, of course, thanks to modern technology, it’s easier to tidy up, stay active, and manage your home at any point in the year, no matter what the weather outside may be doing — but there’s still something very rewarding about tidying up and organising your home as the sunshine returns to the land. Like end of tenancy cleaning reading have outlined.

If nothing else, doing a little spring cleaning has the potential to significantly boost and brighten your mood in a range of different ways. Here are just a few examples of how it can achieve this.

By helping you to move on from negative patterns and events in the past

When you’ve been through difficult or negative circumstances over a given period of time, or when you’ve fallen into negative patterns in your life in general that you want to move away from, these negative patterns or situations will often be mirrored in the layout of your home.

Maybe you’ve been demoralised for months and so a lot of clutter and mess has accumulated. Or maybe there’s a particular set of items in your home that reminds you of something that you want to forget.

Ultimately, spring cleaning provides a great opportunity to move on from negative patterns and events in your life — not only by getting rid of items and mess that may be an anchor for negative feelings, but also by giving you a great opportunity to audit and change your old habits, and to move in a more positive direction instead.

By helping you to make room for new possibilities (and belongings)

Clearing out old belongings of yours that aren’t serving you, and that you don’t have good emotional associations or memories with, isn’t just a matter of clearing out some negative energy from your life — it’s also a matter of making room for the new.

This is true both in material terms, and also in terms that are more difficult to pin down. When you get rid of old sofas, for example, you make room for new white Italian sofas. At the same time, by clearing out, decluttering, and tidying up your home, you create something like a “blank slate” situation that you can then work with to turn your life in a new direction.

In many cases it tends to be the case that our mindset, overall “energy,” and belief in ourselves are intimately connected somehow to our living spaces and immediate environments — or, at the very least, become embodied in our living spaces somehow.

By helping you to regain momentum and a sense of agency in your day-to-day life and environment

From time to time, just about everyone finds themselves feeling as though they’ve fallen into a rut — some situation or other where you just feel like you’re running in circles on a hamster wheel, and don’t have the momentum or direction to head anywhere more positive in life.

When you find yourself feeling as though you’re caught in a rut, one of the most important things to do is to regain a sense of energy, personal agency, and momentum in your life — so that you can get the ball rolling once more and can take steps to directly escape from the situation or cycle you find yourself in.

Tidying up your home, decluttering, and making the space more beautiful, uplifting, and harmonious, is one of the best practices you can adopt in order to help you to regain your sense of personal agency and to take some pride in your surroundings and in the direction you’re heading in.

As the famous Japanese cleaning and tidying guru Marie Kondo says, there can be some real “life changing magic” to tidying up.

By helping you to simplify your living space a bit

The minimalist movement has all sorts of advocates, with some “minimalists” going to pretty extreme lengths and limiting all their worldly belongings to what can fit in a suitcase, and with others just trying to keep a relatively clean and clutter-free living space.

Spring cleaning can help you to simplify and declutter your living space a bit regardless of how “minimalistic,” or not, you may be.This, in turn, can lead to greater feelings of calm and balance.

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