blue scarf with white flowers

How to Style Lylia Rose Women’s Printed Scarves this Autumn

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As a busy stay at home mum fashion tends to be low on my daily priority list! Don’t get me wrong, I like to look nice and do my hair and makeup but I rarely get chance to shop for myself properly and I definitely don’t bother spending a fortune on clothes.

Lylia Rose Cover Image

On a day-to-day basis, I like to wear simple clothes that can deal with walks to the park and kneeling on the floor all afternoon modelling cupcakes out of play dough with the girls! When I’m out and about I like to be comfortable and often jazz up an outfit with a light, pretty scarf which not only adds a bit of colour to my sometimes plain wardrobe but also acts as a bit of a cover up  on days when my ‘mummy tummy’ is holding back my confidence!

I now have a small collection of scarves I wear a lot but how can you style a scarf in the Autumn ready for those days that aren’t cold enough for a winter cold but still feel a bit chilly?

Women’s Printed Scarves

In the past I have shopped for women’s printed scarves with Lylia Rose and although not currently selling, it was a ladies fashion accessories boutique owned and run by mum of 2 Victoria. She writes a UK lifestyle blog here. As well as scarves, Lylia Rose sold accessories, home accessories, jewellery, and purses all for under £15. One of my favourites is a navy and white flower and butterfly print scarf. The scarf caught my eye as I have a love of butterfly’s and navy is a colour that I wear quite a lot.

blue scarf with white flowers

The most versatile scarves are long and so can be used in many different ways, creating many different looks. The easiest is to wear as a normal hanging scarf.

Wearing a blue long scarf with white flowers

A snood (which is my personal favourite) and keeps the chill away!

Me wearing a blue scarf with white flowers

A kimono which is nice for when you’re out without the kids or if you’re breastfeeding, works as a cover up if you want to use it this way.

Lylia Rose scarf as a wrap

I’m sure there are many other ways to wear but these are some of the ways I found personally useful. As well as being versatile, these types of scarves are made of beautiful light fabric’s that are great for everyday use. Also when worn doubled up or as a snood, are warm and comfortable too, perfect for those Autumnal days out!

How do you wear your scarves in Autumn?


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