McVitie’s ‘To Go’ Biscuits Range

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Everyone knows McVitie’s and everyone has their own favourite biscuit from the range they offer so when I was approached to work with them on the launch of their brand new Biscuits Range ‘To Go’, I can honestly say I was more than happy to take up the challenge as we love our snacks!

McVitie’s have been creating the UK’s favourite biscuits since the 1830’s and are well-known for their Penguin bars and Hobnob biscuits. When I think of biscuits I always think of McVitie’s so I was really interested to hear that they have launched some new snack packs of some of their most popular biscuit types. The new ‘To Go’ range allows everyone the chance to enjoy their favourite biscuits on the go, wherever they are and are perfect to pop into lunch boxes, handbags, and even pockets ready to eat whenever you need a sweet snack.

Each individual snack pack, priced at 50p, contains 2 biscuits packaged in perfectly sized little pockets. They are available in classic Milk Chocolate Digestive and Milk Chocolate Hobnobs. There are also multi-pack boxes which are available in; Original Digestive £1.39, Milk Chocolate Digestive, Dark Chocolate Digestive, and Milk Chocolate Hobnob all priced at £1.59. Each box contains 6 packs of 2 biscuits.

I love McVitie’s biscuits and buy them as a treat when I want something special to eat instead of chocolate or sweets. I love the idea that these new snack packs can be popped into my handbag for when I’m out and about, ready for when I need something sweet to eat. The new McVitie’s To Go Range also mean that I can enjoy eating my favourite biscuits without ‘accidentally’ eating the whole packet! These little snack packs help to control my love of all things sweet as 2 biscuits in each packet is enough to satisfy my cravings! I can now have the perfect snack whenever I need it without feeling guilty at all!


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