Its Official, Mia’s Going to be a Big Sister!

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You will remember not long ago I wrote a post all about how we were trying to decide when we would begin trying for another baby and how we were really unsure of when (if any!) was the ‘best’ time to start trying. Mia was very much planned, even down to the Easter half term holidays I would leave my job as a Teaching Assistant to have her and if she hadn’t of been 4 days early, I would have enjoyed a bit more of the 2 weeks off! Fast forward 4 years and with Mia starting school in September we decided that it was as good a time as any to begin trying.

It took us 2 ½ months to get pregnant with Mia so we expected at minimum that long again especially with me being 30 now however we were very much mistaken and I can now announce that we are 12 weeks pregnant! Yes it took us all of 5 days to conceive this time! We are obviously over the moon and since we pretty much knew straight away, we have been busy planning our near future down to the same spreadsheet coming out as when we were pregnant with Mia!

This time we need far less things as we literally kept everything from having Mia so we only need some bottles and I said I would like a new changing bag and Mario would like a new buggy as ours is a bit of a bulky pain and he never liked it!

So here are a couple of scan pics from last week, they aren’t as clear as Mia’s for some reason but baby was being a bit of a wriggle bottom at the time!

Big Sister
Big Sister

I have kept a diary of how I have been feeling as I did with Mia and you can find that here: Baby Diary – Our new Journey and I will be writing a post each month about how we are getting on so make sure you check back for those!

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