Preparing Mia’s Room for our New Arrival!

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As soon as you find out your expecting, a whole host of things run through your head and one of the main things we thought about first was how to organise our house to accommodate all of the things that a new baby brings with them. We moved to a bigger house in January ready to have a new baby and due to wanting Mia to go to a specific school this September. Mia has a really big room and as her toys were starting to fill up downstairs and her going off to school, in the summer holidays we decided to sort out Mia’s room and take her toys upstairs ready for the new arrival.

New Arrival

We were still using Mia’s baby changer as a chest of drawers and her clothes were still in her baby wardrobe so these were the first things we needed to sort out! We have a spare room which housed mainly my clothes and the washing airers and with this being turned into the baby’s nursery we needed to clear it out! We switched Mia’s baby wardrobe for mine and put it into the nursery room. With Mia’s wardrobe now being 3 times a big, her toys fit in perfectly! We also put her chest of drawers into the nursery room so we bought her a small toy storage unit so she can put her bits and bobs into it.

New Arrival

Mia’s room now looks a lot more grown up and she absolutely loves having all of her toys in there for her to play with when she wants to! We love not tripping up over everything on the living room floor!

New Arrival!

The nursery room is almost finished thanks to Mario’s hard work! It’s lovely to see Mia’s baby furniture all set up again in a nursery and as we kept pretty much everything, we will be reusing almost all of her things again which is nice (thank goodness we are having a girl!). We have bought a few bits extra such as a better moses basket and a nice new buggy as Mario always disliked Mia’s and it didn’t really fit in the car boot but even all of Mia’s baby’s clothes and Babygro’s will be reused! If nothing else, we have saved a lot of money!

New Arrival!

As I write this we have just 10 weeks to go and everything is becoming very real, very fast! I have packed my hospital bags, written a birth plan and all clothes and bedding has been washed, dried and put away in the nursery. Just waiting for baby now to complete our little family!

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