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Keeping Things Ship-Shape Over Christmas

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Christmas is nearly upon us which means that there’s a lot of fun to be had over the coming weeks. As lovely as the holidays can be, they can also be hugely stressful particularly if you are having people over. The house always seems to be full whether it is the kids on their school holidays, friends popping in for tea or having guests to stay for a few days. It can be really difficult to know how you can go about keeping things ship-shape so here are a few ways you can relax over the Festive season!

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Keeping Things Ship-Shape

This can make it quite chaotic, but if you can get a hold on keeping things ship-shape over the holidays it will help everything to run smoothly and help you to relax and enjoy yourself. Here are a few tips:

Increase Cleaning & Tidying

With so many more people coming and going the house will naturally be less tidy, but you will want to stay on top of it as best you can. This means that you need to increase the amount of cleaning and tidying that you are doing – doing this as you go and getting other members of the family to help is key.

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Have a System in Place

It can be helpful to have a system in place for when anyone arrives at the house in order to keep things tidy and on track. This could involve asking them to remove their shoes, somebody taking their jacket and somebody else offering them a drink and showing them to the designated area for socialising.


Following on from this, it is helpful to have storage units in place so that you have somewhere to keep everything organised. As an example, hallway storage boxes for shoes from places like Cox & Cox will help to keep the hallway clear from clutter and make sure that everyone can easily find their shoes when leaving.

10 white bookcases in a row filled with books and records

Stock Up on Supplies

It is easy to run out of important supplies when you have so many people over and especially if they are staying over. It is for this reason it is a good idea to stock up on your household essentials like toilet roll and hand soap in advance of the holidays. You also need to make sure that you have enough tea bags, mince pies and alcoholic drinks to keep your guests happy and content!

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The holidays can be a stressful and demanding time when you are a homeowner. You will want to keep the house as neat and tidy as possible and the above should help with this but remember that it is also the holidays for you, so you need to be able to relax and enjoy yourself too.

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How are you planning on keeping things ship-shape this Christmas?

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