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    Personalised Prints with Dee Dee & Boo

    I’m really into personalised gifts at the moment, I have always loved the uniqueness of them but especially like how special they are to give to people for birthdays and Christmases’ so when I saw that the lovely Helen from Dee Dee & Boo was looking for reviewers of her beautiful hand finished personalised prints, I was really interested in finding out more!   Helen is the owner and illustrator behind Dee Dee & Boo, she creates stunning personalised prints and bespoke illustrations for every occasion. Each design is hand finished and can be fully personalised. I decided on one of the family prints as I wanted something special and personal…

  • Canvas Print of all of us

    Capturing Family Memories with Pictabulous Canvas Prints

    Update 2020: It looks like this company no longer trade however I have found another canvas print company that do similar things so it’s still worth a read! We love taking photos and since having the girls, like most parents, pretty much all of our photograph collection is of them! We don’t tend to do anything with the photos once they have been taken, they just sit on our devices and backed up every now and again. However, every once in a while, you take a photo that you want to display for everyone to see. Then you have to decide the best way to showcase it. We worked with…

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    Holding onto Happy Holiday Memories with Truprint

    Some of you might remember my post awhile ago about our Father’s Day gifts and how much we love personalised gifts! They offer something unusual, unique and are bound to create that amazing smile when you see the recipient open it up on their special day. Last year we went on our first family holiday and although we had an amazing time, it’s always nice to be able to look back on our family time and happy holiday memories when the holiday has long since passed. Truprint launched their #WhereverLifeTakesYou campaign this Summer and asked if we would like to get involved in showcasing some of their lovely summer holiday…

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    Personalised Cutlery and Dummies with byhappyme

    Personalised products are my favourite gifts to give. Not only do they feel more special and unique, but they show the recipient that you really care and have put thought into their gift. We love personalised gifts and we have featured many in our time writing this blog. We were recently approached by byhappyme with their personalised cutlery and dummies and I fell in love with them! Byhappyme create personalised gifts and items perfect for babies and young children. They have lots of gift ideas, but we loved the personalised cutlery sets and the personalised dummy sets! The personalised cutlery sets come with either teddy bears or assorted animals on.…

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    Making Personalised Gifting Tastier with Lily O’Brien’s

    It is no secret that I love personalised gifts. I love giving them when I can, and I think it makes gift-giving even more special. It shows thought and effort has been put into the gift and its always to see the smile it brings to the person I’m giving the gift too. I was approached by the luxury chocolatiers Lily O’Brien’s to take part in their ‘Nominate a friend’ campaign and I immediately thought of my sister. I recently wrote a post about Father’s Day personalised gifts and have previously featured Lily O’Brien’s on the blog too, so I was really looking forward to getting involved with them again.…

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    We are getting personal for Father’s Day with Truprint

    I have previously mentioned my hatred of buying gifts for men! The men in my life (and that isn’t many!) don’t have hobbies, interests or likes that I can add to or buy things for and this leads to the usual boring presents of chocolates and maybe a meal out somewhere nice with family. Truprint have a campaign just to solve this problem and its aptly named #SwapSocksForSelfies which I think is fab. They say ‘that while socks are snug and useful, it won’t be long until one will disappear forever into a sock abyss’ and their campaign is all about swapping the usual sock gifts for a personalised gift…

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    Storing our Memories with Lifecake

    We love personalised gifts in our house and we are always looking for secure storage for our ever expanding photographs from days out and general life events. We were asked if we would like to try out Lifecake; an online storage system for all of your photos who also have an online shop where you can order personalised gifts and photo-books. With Christmas just a month away now (I know?!) I had been looking for some personalised gifts for Mario as I know he’s a sucker for anything with Mia’s photo on it so it seemed the perfect opportunity! Lifecake have created an online, private storage system where you can…

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    Displaying Your Memories With Caseapp

    I seem to be writing a lot about personalised gifts at the moment and they have featured heavily in my Gift Guides this year so when we were recently approached by CaseApp to see if we would like to work with them again on their custom phone cases and skins, we decided we would create some lovely pieces for Mario’s devices.

  • ipad-skin

    Caseapp ‘Custom Phone Case/iPad Skin’ Review

    I think  most of us would agree that when it comes to our phones, laptops and devices, we like to have a nice phone case/ipad skin on them not only to protect them from day-to-day knocks and bangs but also to make them unique from others. I love personalised gifts and I think some of the nicest personalised gifts are for your everyday devices. When CaseApp contacted me to see if I would like to review their products I was really excited to see what I could design and how it would look. Custom Phone Case/iPad Skin CaseApp allow you to create customised phone case/ipad skin for all of your devices, which…