Google Home display with a recipe instruction shown

Time-Saving Gadgets for Busy Mums

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As a busy parent like me, I know you will have the same issues as I do with time. Specifically lack of time! There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done and when you do get time to sit down, you’re so drained that you don’t want to do anything but watch tv! I have some fab time-saving gadgets for you that definitely helps me to run a busy household and saves me lots of time!

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Time-Saving Gadgets

We have a Google Home Mini device in each room of the house and although that may seem a little excessive, they are unbelievably useful! When we first got them, I wasn’t convinced and struggled to understand what I would actually use it for. However, I have very much changed my mind now as I use them for all kinds of things in my day to day life at home.

We have the Google Home Hub screen in the kitchen so when I’m cooking, I can ask Google to give me recipes and ‘she’ reads the instructions out to me as I cook. Then there is the fact I can ask ‘her’ to set any number of timers for my cooking, so I never forget when I put the chicken in! The countdown timer is displayed on the screen and the alarm goes off when its ended so even if I’m in another room, I can still hear it.

Google Home display with a recipe instruction shown

Google can wake you up in the morning with your favourite songs, tell you how long your daily commute is going to be, and what the weather is going to be like where you are! I can also set our lights to come on whenever I want them and set whatever colour I want them to be too as its integrated with our Philips Hue bulbs! You can also control your heating with Google, but we haven’t quite got that sorted yet!

The kids love asking Google funny things like ‘what sound does a horse make?’ and listening to the answer. You can also ask serious questions and google will tell you, and show you the answer, so it’s great for when you’re stuck on something or want to know more about something. The number of random things we ask Google is unbelievable!

I really love playing music via Spotify and my favourite radio station LBC via TuneIn on the Google Home system. I don’t have to faff around trying to find the radio station I want or worry about using my phone battery to listen to anything while I’m cleaning or cooking. I can ask Google to play whatever I want, and it just plays!

Google Home Display showing a radio station

I found the Google Home system really useful when Lottie was a new-born as it meant that even in the middle of feeding her or changing her, I could put the lights on or put the Xbox on with my hands completely full!

I know that some people are worried about these kinds of systems due to privacy, but I think the positives and the number of things you can do with them 100% out way these fears! I wouldn’t not have the Google Home System now in the house and I can honestly say I would be a bit lost without these time-saving gadgets!

Do you have a Google Home System or maybe an Amazon Alexa?

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