Boxy Girls stood with their carton boxes

When Mia Discovered Boxy Girls!

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Collectibles seem to be all the rage at the moment and Mia has been collecting Grossery Gang, Shopkins and L.O.L dolls for over a year now. I don’t know what it is about anything with collectible or surprise in the title, but kids seem to go crazy for them! So, when we were recently sent some Boxy Girls season 1 complete with surprise accessories to unbox, Mia was so excited to see what she had got!

Boxy Girls Collectables

Boxy Girls are (currently) a 4-part doll collection which each come with 4 little carton boxes containing collectable fashion and accessories for the dolls. You can also buy sets of just accessory carton boxes too to add to your collection. All fashion and accessories can be combined and swapped between the dolls.

Nomi and Willa Boxy Dolls in their packaging

The Boxy Girls love shopping online and collect clothes, shoes and accessories. The Boxy Girls are; Brooklyn, who loves colourful heels and fruit-print dresses, Nomi who loves everything with sparkles and bling, Riley who is into music, and Willa who loves beach and boho fashion. Mia was sent Nomi and Willa as well as a pack of 6 carton boxes.

Boxy Dolls stood with their carton boxes

I’m not a huge fan of ‘dolls’ as such and so Mia hasn’t really paid much attention to Barbie’s or Cindy’s yet however when she saw the Boxy Dolls, she was so excited! I have to say I have been pretty impressed with the look of the actual dolls and the feel of their quality. Each doll has unique, cute features and the fact they can be moved into many different positions means that Mia can play with them however she likes.

Boxy Dolls Willa
Boxy Dolls Nomi

Mia loves unboxing pretty much anything, so she got stuck straight into the carton boxes. The carton boxes are each sealed with tape which I have to say wasn’t ideal for Mia’s little fingers, so I ended up unsealing them all for her first. Once inside the carton boxes, they are filled with either brightly coloured tissue paper or confetti which is lovely. You then get a piece of fashion clothing or accessory, a thank you note, and a sticker and we all know how much kids love stickers!

Mia immediately changed the dolls outfits and added some accessories to them. She only got 1 extra piece of clothing out of all the carton boxes she opened so I think we will be going out to buy her some more carton boxes to unbox! Mia got some shoes, make up, jewellery, handbags, and headphones and she was more than pleased!

Various Boxy Dolls accessories

Each Boxy Girl also has their own YouTube channel where they unbox their latest delivery of carton boxes. Mia thinks this is amazing as she is very into watching unboxing videos on YouTube. Watching her very own Boxy Girls doing what she had just done was very exciting!

Mia with Boxy Girls Will and Nomi

We will definitely be buying Mia some more carton box packs (£9.99) and she has also asked for the 2 dolls she doesn’t have yet (£17.99). She has played with her Boxy Girls every day since she got them and even went to sleep with them in her bed on the first night with them! The dolls YouTube channel feels a little old for Mia as it is very fashion and make-up orientated and Mia is only 5 but I don’t see the harm in her having an interest. At the moment there is just season 1 but I’m sure they will be launching a season 2 soon! A great new, unboxing toy for children!

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