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    Perfect Mother-Daughter Gifts with Kaya Jewellery

    I have always found family gifts that say ‘Mummy’ or ‘Daddy’ or ‘Grandma’ etc a little cheesy and so have never really bought them. That is until we had Mia, now I love a personalised gift and don’t think twice about getting my own mum something with ‘Grandma’ or Mario something with ‘Daddy’ plastered all over it! It’s sometimes hard to find the perfect mother-daughter gift but I think we have found a great one! I don’t wear an awful lot of jewellery on a daily basis. I have my engagement ring, a necklace given to me as a special present and my favourite watch or Fitbit all bought for…

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    Mummy The Juggler: Making Time For Everyone In Your Life

    Being a mum is the greatest job role in the world. However, it can leave you feeling like a juggler or plate spinner who is trying to manage far too many issues for one pair of hands. In addition to your career and housekeeping tasks, you also need to ensure that you spend enough time with your nearest and dearest. Frankly, enjoying quality time with everyone is far from easy. But it can be achieved. Here’s how. Spending Time With The Kids First and foremost, you must ensure that you are getting enough quality time with your children. They grow up so fast, which is why making each day count…

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    Perfect Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

    If you’re anything like me (a busy mum who tries her hardest to be organised but sometimes misses the boat!) you will still be trying to decide what to get your mum or grandparent for Mother’s Day and with only a few weeks to go, panicking about it too! Fear not, I have put together some of our favourite last minute Mother’s Day gifts ideas for mummies this year! Last minute Mother’s Day gifts I love Cecelia Ahern so her latest book ‘Perfect’ was a winner for me! The Sensse Go! Exfoliator Brush is fab for giving her face the attention it deserves! For all of the choccie lovers like…

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    3 Mothers Day Gifts Ideas for Mums who have Everything!

    Mother’s Day seems to creep up on me every year! Even though I know when it is, it just seems to appear from nowhere and it leaves me hurriedly trying to think of something to get my mum! My mum isn’t one of those people that collects things so that means not being able to easily pick up an item to add to her collection of whatever it is mums like to collect! Which also means that every single year, I struggle to get something she would really want. Here I have popped 3 Mothers Day Gifts Ideas for mums who have already everything! Ask Her! Yes that’s right! Just…

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    Mother’s Day Shopping Sorted with TJ Hughes

    I always find it really difficult to find gifts for my mum. She doesn’t collect anything in particular and the hobby’s she does have are things you can’t really buy her things for. She does Pilates and likes walking so apart from getting her some walking boots or a new water bottle, there isn’t much to buy her! I usually get her some flowers and chocolates and to be honest, she’s pretty happy with that (who wouldn’t be?!) but sometimes I think it would be nice to get her something a bit different and with a bit more thought put into my Mother’s Day shopping! TJ Hughes are a discount…

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    Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Busy Mums!

    Are you looking for the perfect Busy Mother’s Day Gifts but just don’t have time to look? We have got you covered! It can be so hard to find the perfect gift sometimes! I’m not very good personally at choosing gifts, there’s so much I want to say and can never seem to find the best gift to say it.  I end up going for the clichéd gifts of flowers and chocolates but sometimes I want to give something different, something personal. So here are some of the gifts we have been sent over the last few years for us to review and which I think would make great ‘Thank…

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    9 of the Top Mother’s Day Gifts for under £10 with B&M

    Mother’s Day is fast approaching. This year it is going to be an extra special day due to the rubbish last year everyone has had! On past Mothers Day’s I have been spoilt by Mia. Lottie and Mario so I look forward to it every year! I struggle to find Mother’s Day Gifts sometimes for my own mum so I have put together a quick guide for inspiration. With the help of B&M Stores Mother’s Day range, I have put together some great gifts for you to spoil your mums, grandma’s, nanna’s, and any other special lady in your life. I have kept all of the items to under £10…

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    10 Ways To Get A Little More Motivated To Work Out

    Anyone who is in the habit of training at a gym or going on runs/walks will be able to tell you that exercising is pretty simple. It can be quite frustrating to hear when you’re not as fit as you’d like to be, but it’s the truth. Once you get used to working out regularly, you become uncomfortable with not working out. The idea of sitting around for too long isn’t nice. We’re always looking for ways to work on our health, and exercising is one of the main ways of improving things. But what can you do to get more motivated to work out? Finding the motivation to work out…

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    Woodland Hedgehugs Activity Book – Get Children Interested in the Outdoors!

    As a Boolino Friend, we got the opportunity to read some lovely story books. We were asked if we would like to read the brand new book in the Woodland Hedgehugs series; a series of books about 2 little hedgehogs called Horrace and Hattie who go on some amazing adventures together.  This book is slightly different in that it is an Activity Book filled with lots of fun things to do and look out for while you’re having your own little adventures! The Woodland Hedgehugs Activity Book is packed full of activities inspired by Horrace and Hattie’s own adventures. Each page has something new to look out for, with smells,…

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    Exante Diet Have Had a Rebrand!

    Just over 2 year’s ago I started looking at various diet plans and tried to find out just how sustainable they are long-term and the benefits of each one. During that time I have worked with quite a few diet companies and learnt a lot about myself and my ‘issues’ with food. As well as everything I have learnt, I have healthily lost 1st 9lbs which I’m over the moon about as I feel great and back to how I felt before I had the girls! One of the companies I had the pleasure of working with was Exante and since writing about them last year, they have been back…

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    5 Things to Ask Before Renting a Home

    So, you think you’ve found the perfect rental property and you’re already measuring the windows to make sure the curtains you’ve chosen will fit. Finding a new home can be extremely exciting, so it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. However, before you sign any documents and start organising the removals company, it’s important to make sure that the property is as good as it seems. To make sure the property is perfect for you, there are several questions you need to ask before you sign on the dotted line. Below is a list of some of the most important questions you need to ask your new landlord…