Snapshot of the Month – March

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Hello and welcome to another Snapshot of the Month ! This year is going sooooooo fast, we can barely keep up! I can’t believe March is over already but I love daffodils at the moment, they really bring a sense of Spring to the world!


Snapshot of the Month

We started the month off by opening our moving in present, champagne! Even though we were going to open it on Valentine’s Day we just didn’t get chance to so found ourselves fancying it on a random Friday evening instead!

Snapshot of the Month

We decided to take a trip to Rufford Abbey where we spend a lot of time as it’s such a lovely walk around the lake and back. Mia wanted to take her scooter and instead of us having to carry it round with us the whole time, she was the opposite and even when she couldn’t manage to scooter round, she was determined to keep hold of it and refused any help!

Snapshot of the Month

Mario and I took a trip to nearby Newark as my brother had bought me an experience voucher for my 30th  birthday in October so we wanted to use it. Mum had Mia for the weekend so we went to the restaurant Danube and had a gorgeous 3 course meal!

Snapshot of the Month

There’s always time for snuggles and we treated Mia to a new, bigger bed as she was in the cot-bed she has had since she was a baby and it was getting a bit battered!

Snapshot of the Month

We found out, after a week of headaches, that Mia needs glasses so I spent a day with her in town getting her eyes tested and then went back to get her glasses. She looks fab!

Snapshot of the Month

It was Mia’s Easter craft morning at Preschool and she absolutely loves having her face painted, she had a pink egg painted onto her cheek and she went around showing everyone!

Snapshot of the Month

Finally, yesterday we spent the day at The Sealife Centre in Birmingham. We love going there and Mia is always fascinated by the ‘Nemo’ fish and the Stingrays! She even chose an Otter cuddly toy from the Gift Shop!

Snapshot of the Month

So that’s it! Another busy month and with the next 2 weeks being the Easter holidays, we have a few days out and family visits planned for April! Join us next month for another Snapshot of the Month !


  • Cee Arr

    I went to Rufford Abbey as a kid – loved all the geese and ducks and swans!!! XD

    Thanks for stopping by @ Diary of a Reading Addict (DORA)

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