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    Exante Diet Have Had a Rebrand!

    Just over 2 year’s ago I started looking at various diet plans and tried to find out just how sustainable they are long-term and the benefits of each one. During that time I have worked with quite a few diet companies and learnt a lot about myself and my ‘issues’ with food. As well as everything I have learnt, I have healthily lost 1st 9lbs which I’m over the moon about as I feel great and back to how I felt before I had the girls! One of the companies I had the pleasure of working with was Exante and since writing about them last year, they have been back…

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    Healthy Eating With Natures Finest Fruit Pots

    We are really into our fruit and vegetables at the moment but sometimes it’s tricky to get them into your diet as they are. I’m always looking for the next interesting way to eat them. I love snacks and I love fruit but I don’t eat it as often as I should. I just can’t be bothered to prepare it most of the time (#lazymum!) so when I saw that Natures Finest were looking for bloggers for their fruit pots, I put us forward to give them a try. Natures Finest pick and pack their fruit at the peak of their ripeness in order to lock in all of the…