Exante Diet Have Had a Rebrand!

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Just over 2 year’s ago I started looking at various diet plans and tried to find out just how sustainable they are long-term and the benefits of each one. During that time I have worked with quite a few diet companies and learnt a lot about myself and my ‘issues’ with food. As well as everything I have learnt, I have healthily lost 1st 9lbs which I’m over the moon about as I feel great and back to how I felt before I had the girls! One of the companies I had the pleasure of working with was Exante and since writing about them last year, they have been back in touch as they have completely rebranded, expanded their range of diet products and also refocused on healthier lifestyles.

Exante diet plans are designed to fit around busy lifestyles, making them simple and easy to follow whilst at work, as a busy mum, or just too tired at the end of the day to think too much about food! There are 2 types of plan you can follow depending on whether you are looking to lose weight or tone up. In order to lose weight you need to substitute 3 meals a day with the Exante products and if you want to tone up you can have an Exante product as a snack to support a healthy eating approach.

The different plans are either a 600 calorie Total Solution where you only eat 3 Exante products a day or a 1200 Flexi Solution where you can consume 2 products to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to aid weight loss. Exante diet products come as meals, shakes, or bars and with various plans to follow; you can easily work out which are suitable for you.

Exante Diet Rebrand

I was sent one of the new 2 week shakes and bars pack to try out. I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging as previously the packets were just silver, ‘spacey-looking’ sachets that weren’t particularly appealing! Instead they have been replaced by much nicer sachets, colourful and each one shows exactly what’s inside, far more appealing!

The ingredients are really clear on the back of each packet and make it really easy to check what’s inside. Each shake has 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals so you know you are getting everything you need. The bars are the same, really nice packaging and clearly labelled with what’s inside. The only I would say is that the products are high in sugar so would not be suitable for anyone who is sensitive to such sugars.

Exante Diet Rebrand

It’s really simple to make the shakes and smoothies up, just add the contents of a sachet to 200ml of water and mix. The instructions are printed really small on the back of the sachets so it was tricky to spot the first time, they could do with being a bit bigger! I found the shakes mixed quicker and easier than the smoothies but smoothies are generally of a thicker consistency anyway. I definitely preferred the shakes as I’m not a huge fan of smoothies for that exact reason. I was sent; chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, honeycomb, toffee caramel, and white chocolate and raspberry shakes. As well as a lemon cheesecake smoothie. I really liked the taste of the shakes and smoothies; they smelt good and tasted exactly like I expected them to.


The bars were the things I was most interested in trying as I hadn’t previously tried them. I was sent; toffee nut raisin, chocolate orange, caramel crunch, strawberry jam and yoghurt, lemon, and cookies and cream. I liked the taste of all of them however they did leave a strange after taste which I couldn’t get used to. Also the cookies and cream bar was the one I thought I would like the most however it was quite stodgy after a few bites so I preferred the nutty ones more. The lemon bar was also really tart however I liked the toffee nut raisin and the chocolate orange bars a lot!


All in all, I really like how Exante have rebranded; the packaging is so much better and looks really good! I really like the shakes and smoothies; they taste lovely and I would happily substitute meals with them on a short-term basis. The bars I was less keen on but I would use them for easy, grab-on-the-go snacks whilst out and about. I think Exante have made the overall process of choosing a diet plan far easier, as there are 2 main choices to make; weight loss or maintenance and then each plan has clear products to choose from to help you on your way.

The refocus on healthier living is also a plus as this is far more achievable on a long-term basis. The diet pack I used is currently available for £54.99 with free delivery and the Exante diet rebrand looks great! Don’t just take my word for it though! Sarah from Life in a Break Down has also tried out the Exante Diet so head over there to see what she thought too!

Since writing this post, Exante have had another rebrand where they have added some new products and meals as well as overhauled their whole website! You can now follow a 2 week or 4 week plan to help you kick start your weight loss or simply to lose weight for an upcoming special occasion. Their products are perfect for busy parents who are on the go and need something quick and healthier than a packet of crisps! So head over and take a look!

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