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Hi Everyone and Welcome to my weight loss post #11!

So this month has been more than a little hectic, not only was it Christmas and New Year but also we moved house between the 2 so it has been a really stressful and tiring time! I had a final weigh in just before Christmas and was so happy to see that I was very securely set at 12st 7lbs which is less than I was before I was pregnant with Mia (most of you will know, this was my aim over a year ago now). Because of Christmas, I wanted to be able to eat what I wanted and not worry too much, so I gave myself the festive period off watching what I eat. I found that although I enjoyed it, I was still watching what I was eating and it was really interesting to see how my body reacted to the ‘bad’ food and I didn’t crave sweet things as much as I normally would do!

I weighed myself on Monday and although I have put 2lbs back on, I’m still more than happy with where I have got to and in no way regret having Christmas off! Since we moved, it has taken us a bit longer to get back into the swing of eating better however this week I planned our meals at the start of the week and made sure that it’s all healthier so we are back on track. I will be really interested in what my weight is next Monday and if I spring back to 12st 7lbs or not!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the festive period, it’s so tricky to get ‘back to it’ once you have had time off!

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