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    Forza ‘Shake It Slim’ Meal Replacement Review

    As many of you will know, just before Christmas 2015 I decided that it was time to kick-start some kind of exercise regime into my days and as someone who doesn’t diet (see the post I wrote about them here!) I was keen on finding out about the reasons we all decide to diet and exercise and just how easy they are to continue after the programme ends or for any length of time. I have worked with various diet brands recently and last week was the turn of Forza! Forza were kind enough to send me a week’s supply of their meal replacement shakes ‘Shake It Slim’ in return…

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    Teaching your Child to Stay in Bed with the Gro Company Gro-clock

    We have always been fans of the Gro Company. When Mia was born we bought her a number of Grobag’s which were amazing as Mia could get all snuggled up in bed with us knowing she was sleeping safe and securely. We also bought a Gro-egg which we have used right up until very recently to accurately measure the temperature of her bedroom. So when The Gro Company were looking for bloggers to review another of their products, I put myself forward and was really excited when they picked me! The Gro Company specialise in the manufacturing of safer sleep solutions for babies and make everything from Gro-lights to black out…

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    JFTP Handmade Teepee Review

    Please Note: JFTP ceased trading in 2015 We have been avid watchers of BBC 1’s Dragons Den for a while now and since having Mia, we are always more interested in the innovative children’s products that come along (and food products of course!!) so when we spotted Effie Moss and her beautiful handmade Teepee’s winning investment from none other than Dragon Deborah Meaden, we knew we wanted to find out more about her Teepee’s! Just For Tiny People (JFTP) was founded by Effie Moss who, with the help of a wonderful team of people, hand makes beautifully designed Teepee’s especially for children. I have followed Effie’s journey from Dragons Den…

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    Beets BLU Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor Review

    I was recently approached by Beets BLU to review their Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor and as someone who is really into fitness and weight loss at the moment; (Find out more!) I was really interested in giving the monitor a run for its money! I had not heard of Beets BLU until now but they are a company founded in 2012 which specialises in mobile apps, fitness technologies and electronics. I currently don’t keep a track or record of my heart rate while exercising but I am aware that it’s quite important to do during workouts so you can see if you are not pushing yourself hard enough or…

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    Back in Time with Mr Big Tops Retro Sweet Boxes

    I love sweets; well, I love anything sweet if I’m honest and so when Mr Big Tops contacted me to see if I wanted to try out their very own retro sweet boxes, I was really excited! Mr Big Tops are a subscription box and occasion box service based in London, where from twice a week to once a month you can sign up to be sent a letterbox sized treat of retro, traditional, and old-fashioned sweets through the post!

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    Home Learning with NCC – Child Care Course

    NCC Home Learning Before I became a mummy I was a Primary School Teaching Assistant and I really want to go and do my teacher training once Mia starts school in a couple of year’s time. Over the past 2 years I have done a couple of online courses, partly to learn new things and partly to give me something to work towards, as well as being a stay-at-home mum. So when the opportunity to try out an NCC Home Learning course came about, I was really interested in trying out the new CACHE Level 3 Child Care Course. NCC is an international training provider offering a range of courses to…

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    Mia’s Started Pre-School, Growing Up Too Fast!

    As a lot of you will know, I’m a full-time stay at home mummy to Mia and I love it but this doesn’t mean that I always love it! Sometimes Mia gets fed up with me…sometimes I get fed up with Mia…sometimes we both need half an hour apart from each other, before one of us goes mad! Needless to say, once Mia was approaching 2 ½ we decided it would be great if we could get her into the local Pre-School for a few hours a week. I was really worried about it, not only because I’m used to having Mia with me all the time, wherever I’ am…

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    Exante Meal Replacement Diet Plan Review

    Update: Exante have since rebranded twice so you can find a newer review at Exante Diet Rebrand! I have recently become more interested in diet plans and weight control as I have now been a mummy for just over 2 years and I’m (like many other mummy’s) not particularly happy with the way I look and need a bit of a boost in confidence. I have written previously about my love of food but I was lucky enough to review some diet plans previously so when I was asked if I would like to review a diet plan offered by Exante, I was really excited to take on the challenge and see if…

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    Christmas Gift Guide 2015

    Welcome to mummydaddymia’s 1st EVER christmas gift guide! If like me, you sometimes struggle to find Christmas gifts, let alone good stocking fillers, look no further! Here are some lovely gifts that we have enjoyed over the last few months…

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    Weight Loss Post #6 – Weight Loss Feature

    Hello and Welcome to my weight loss post #6! Ok well after last week being really happy and so proud I had lost a lb after maintaining for months….I have maintained yet again this week!! So frustrating as I have been getting my 7000 steps in each and every day, eaten well and actually made the effort to eat well. I was also feeling fab on Saturday’s date night with Mario. I even bought a new top to wear and went out feeling really confident which makes a change for me! I suppose I can’t moan too much as it’s not been a gain this week so I’m happy about that! I wore…

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    Weight Loss Post #5 – Weight Loss Feature

    Hello and Welcome to my weight loss post #5! I’m struggling to keep up with writing these so my aim by the end of this year to pick it up a bit and make sure I get my feature done at least every fortnight! Anyway on to this week and my Weight Loss Post #5…. well, it’s good news! Regular readers will know that I hit a bit of a wall with weight loss and couldn’t seem to get past it, I needed something to kick start myself again and I seem to have done just that. This week I have broken the 3 months of maintaining and I have lost 1lb!…