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    How customised personal training can benefit your life

    Have you noticed a drop off in your workout results? Maybe you’re stuck in a routine or perhaps you are lacking the motivation to stick with a regular schedule. Instead of staying on the same path, challenge yourself to meet and beat more fitness goals with a customised personal training plan.  Get Help with Motivation  Sometimes the biggest challenge you face is motivation. You get up, go to the gym, do stretches, hit the treadmill or spin bike, and finish up with a weights circuit. This is great for a while, especially if you were new to regular workouts. And you got results.  After several months or even a few…

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    Gymcube Online Workout Review

    Recently I have been trying to step up my weekly exercise, regular readers of mine will know that I’m on a bit of a fitness drive at the moment and I’m busy testing out some of the best diets, wearable tech and weight loss plans. I put myself forward to try out a monthly subscription to Gymcube and they kindly allowed me a 6 month subscription to really get to grips with their service. Gymcube is an online service with over 27 exercise programmes and over 200 workouts videos for you to do in the comfort of your own home, for people like me, who don’t have the time or…

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    Creating and Looking After Your Healthy Post Natal Body

    You may remember my last post about Healthy Post Natal Body Review. I did a quick halfway through update a few months ago but I thought I would give you an update on how I got on at the end of the programme! First a quick bit about the programme itself. Healthy Post Natal Body was founded to help mums, like me, to become more confident in their bodies by giving them fitness plans and advice to get their health back! It doesn’t focus on weight loss or getting your ‘pre baby’ body back. Its instead all about achieving a healthy body and feeling confident yourself after having a baby.…

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    Activ8rlives Buddyband 2 Activity Tracker Review

    The BuddyBand 2 Activity Tracker is the creation of Aseptika Limited, a healthcare company founded in 2007. They have been working on self-monitoring devices and services under the brand Activ8rlives. The aim is that users can self-manage long term health conditions by self-monitoring. Their latest device is the BuddyBand; an activity tracker and device App. On first opening I was quite impressed by the amount of ‘kit’ included in the cost of the tracker. You get 3 different colour bracelet straps; black, blue, and pink as well as a belt clip for anyone who wants to attach the tracker easily to a pocket or sock. The tracker then records physical…

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    Quick Full Body Workout for Busy Mums

    At the moment with pretty much the whole world on lockdown, I like many other busy parents, am finding it hard to run my home and families more than ever! I really enjoy keeping fit but it’s hard enough to do these things under normal circumstances let alone fit in a full body workout whilst we are all stuck at home for the foreseeable! You might be looking for a way to switch-off and spend some time on yourself amongst all the chaos! One of the main ways I like to do something for myself without feeling too guilty is to do a full body workout. Not only does it…

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    Healthy Post Natal Fitness for Busy Mums – 3 Month Update!

    We all know how difficult it is to keep fit when you’re a mum. The last thing I wanted to do when I had given birth was think about doing a workout. I have always enjoyed keeping fit and continued to do Zumba and Yoga right through both pregnancies, but it took me a while to get back into it once baby came along! I have spent a while looking for the perfect fitness routine that’s easy to do with children but that also doesn’t take ages to set up and actually do. When you’re a parent you need a workout that’s ready when you are, ready when you can…

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    15 Minute Arm Workout for Busy Mums

    We all want to look and feel good as mums but with little time to get to the gym or take the time to workout, its hard to fit it all in! I have come up with this short arm workout so that you can spend time working out without it taking hours whilst also feeling the benefits! Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to workout and by the time you have got into your gym gear, the motivation has gone or your attention is pulled elsewhere. These workouts are designed for you to get the most you can out of each workout whilst not impacting your…

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    The New Way to Workout at Home with Freeletics

    As busy mums one of the most difficult things to fit into your day is exercise. I really enjoy doing my workout at home but rarely fit in 1 a week, let alone the recommended 3 a week! I need exercises I can access quickly, do without much room or equipment and that I can get Lottie involved in too! I have tried out quite a few fitness sites now, but this has proven tricky over the last few years! Freeletics asked me if I would like to trial their global leading fitness app so I was excited to see how this would fit into my busy lifestyle. Freeletics have…

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    How I got on with the 8-Week My Coach School Summer Challenge!

    Now it’s been a while since I did a proper workout. Since having Lottie, I have been a bit hit and miss with when and how I work out! I have been trying to get back into it for the last 6 months and even went to a class where I could literally wear Lottie while keeping fit. When she got too big (and heavy) to carry in a carrier, we stopped going so I have been making an effort to walk more which I really enjoy. However, with Summer fast approaching I was excited to delve into the 8-week My Coach School Summer Challenge! My Coach School is an…

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    How to go About Losing Stubborn Tummy Fat After Giving Birth

    So, you have given birth to a happy, healthy baby, and now it’s time to get your tummy back to a pre-pregnancy state, right? Well, it sounds easy but if you have tried dealing with post-pregnancy tummy fat before, then you know that it’s not that easy. It just never seems to go away fast enough. Luckily, there are steps you can take to significantly help. But before you get too excited, remember that to see any meaningful results, most of these steps require discipline on your part. That said, here are a few tips to losing stubborn tummy fat after giving birth. Avoid sugary food If you want to…

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    Weight-loss Doesn’t Have to Involve Dangerous Compounds

    There are more and more cases of people dying or developing complications due to dangerous weight loss products. The desperation to lose weight, both for health and aesthetic purposes, drives people into taking products that may harm them in the long run. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With so many healthy ways to lose weight, weight-loss doesn’t have to involve dangerous compounds. For context, let’s look at a few ways through which, we can lose weight with no health risks. 1.    Exercise When it comes to weight loss, nothing beats exercise. A good exercise routine, when done consistently can help you cut weight with zero side effects.…