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    Beets Blu Smart Cardio Heart Rate Monitor

    I have worked numerous times with Beets Blu now and they recently got in touch to see if we would like to try out their new improved Smart Cardio Heart Rate Monitor We have tried the previous version and it was really nice to see what improvements had been made to an already…

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    6 Ideas To Improve Your Home Workouts

    In 2020 working out at home has become increasingly popular. One of the biggest drawbacks of working out at home is that it can be challenging to motivate yourself. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to improve your home workouts. Try these six…

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    Fighting Fitness-related Aches and Pains

    Keeping fit gives you lots of benefits, helping you to stay healthy and happy, but it can come with some downsides too. Everyone has felt the aches and pains of the aftermath of a tough workout, and sometimes you can experience more than just muscle aches. When keeping fit leads…

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    How customised personal training can benefit your life

    Have you noticed a drop off in your workout results? Maybe you’re stuck in a routine or perhaps you are lacking the motivation to stick with a regular schedule. Instead of staying on the same path, challenge yourself to meet and beat more fitness goals with a customised personal training…

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    Gymcube Online Workout Review

    Recently I have been trying to step up my weekly exercise, regular readers of mine will know that I’m on a bit of a fitness drive at the moment and I’m busy testing out some of the best diets, wearable tech and weight loss plans. I put myself forward to…

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    Activ8rlives Buddyband 2 Activity Tracker Review

    The BuddyBand 2 Activity Tracker is the creation of Aseptika Limited, a healthcare company founded in 2007. They have been working on self-monitoring devices and services under the brand Activ8rlives. The aim is that users can self-manage long term health conditions by self-monitoring. Their latest device is the BuddyBand; an…

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    Quick Full Body Workout for Busy Mums

    At the moment with pretty much the whole world on lockdown, I like many other busy parents, am finding it hard to run my home and families more than ever! I really enjoy keeping fit but it’s hard enough to do these things under normal circumstances let alone fit in…